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  • Mustard oil organic unrefined virgin cold pressed raw premium fresh pure 7 lb


Botanical Name: Brassica Nigra

Extraction Method: Cold Pressed

Processing Type: Unrefined

Obtained From: Seeds

Organic: Made without pesticides, GMO's, or hexane.

Ingredients: Mustard oil, 100% Pure with NO additives or carriers added.

Color: Pale yellow to golden yellow liquid.

Common Uses: This is 100% pure Germany mustard oil. It is commonly used in personal care product making. The oil can also be used as a massage oil. It is fairly common to boil the oil to a high temperature, to its smoking point, and let it cool before use in personal care product making. When used as a personal care product making medium it enhances the taste of nice filling. The pungent - tasting mustard oil seed qualifies as popular condiment in most parts of the globe.

It is good oil for hair and skin care. Pungent oil pressed from the seeds of the Germany mustard plant, used both as a personal care product making medium and a hair and skin beautifying treatment in Europe. Mustard oil has good preserving qualities, so is used for pickles as well as curries. The mustard oil produced in the West is generally milder than the pungent another version.

It can also claim a long and distinguished history as a traditional medicine. Both the seeds and the oil have long been used in poultice, plaster, and other external formulation for upper respiratory tract congestion, joint pain, inflammation, and pain in lower back or lumbar region.

Consistency: Typical and Characteristic of Carrier Oils.

Absorption: Absorbs easily into the skin.

We are buying our product from organic certified supplier, made with organic ingredients.

Shelf Life: Mustard Oil is slow to go rancid; users can expect a shelf life of 1 Year with proper storage conditions (cool, out of direct sunlight). Refrigeration after opening is recommended.


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Mustard oil organic unrefined virgin cold pressed raw premium fresh pure 7 lb

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