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  • Japan / sumac / vegetable / berry / vegan wax premium pure cosmetic grade 24 oz


Botanical Name: Toxicodendron succedaneum.

Melting point = range of 110 - 132 degrees F.

Saponification value = 220

Description: Japan (Sumac) Wax, alternatively spelled sumach wax, is a wax produced from pressing the fruit of the Rhus succedanea plant, referred to as the Japanese wax tree and belonging to the Anarchadiaceae or sumac family. The high palmitic acid content (C 16:0) is characteristic for the fatty acid range of this product.

Color and Consistency: is a pale-yellow, waxy, water-insoluble solid with a gummy feel.

Common Uses: Japan wax is a harder, more brittle wax than some other waxes, growing in popularity throughout the cosmetic and personal-care industries for its emulsifying and moisturizing benefits in personal-care formulations. Bulk Japan wax is an economical vegan option, commonly referred to as Berry Wax or Vegetable Wax, and is found in various makeup products such as eye pencils, lipsticks, and other beauty products.

The range is supplemented by up to 4 % content of rare japanic acid (heneicosanedioic acid), which lends the wax its high viscosity.

Absorption: Soluble in benzene, ether, naphtha and alkalis; insoluble in water and cold ethanol.

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Japan / sumac / vegetable / berry / vegan wax premium pure cosmetic grade 24 oz

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