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Lanolin Oil

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Lanolin Oil

Lanolin oil - for delicate skin and soft hair

Lanolin is an animal source that softens and delivers everything to the touch. With it make means for delicate skin, care for hair and hands. How to use this amazing oil in pure form and in home recipes?

Origin and receipt

When it rains or snow, sheep wool does not soak and not get confused. This is possible due to the unique waxy substance lanolin, which is saturated with sheep's fleece. It is produced by the sheep's body specifically for protection against adverse weather conditions. Even in ancient times, they knew: if the hands were cracked, it was necessary to pat the sheep. And the cracks will heal very quickly. Lanolin is a natural fat and one of the oldest bases for the preparation of medical ointments.

At first, lanolin was extracted exclusively in a natural way - by welding the sheep's wool. Over time, chemists learned to precipitate fat, using calcium chloride and washing it with running water. During the production of lanolin, valuable lipids were filtered, and the final product was released by steam. Leading the supply of this substance from the very beginning was Australia and New Zealand.

Modern high-purity lanolin, or lanolin oil, is a physically separate fraction of lanolin in a liquid form. It is obtained by "washing out" an oily substance from the sheared wool with the help of acid, extraction or flotation. During washing, an emulsion liquid with a specific odor is formed. After processing in a centrifuge, lanolin is purified from foreign impurities, is lightened, bleached, deodorized. From wool you can get several varieties of lanolin - from anhydrous fraction to oil for cosmetic purposes. The oil obtained a liquid consistency due to the removal of fractional crystallization of some of the lanolin esters, which harden at room temperature.

Currently, purified lanolin is included in a large number of children and adults cosmetics and in most cases, does not cause allergic reactions. Gold oil, with a delicate "warm" aroma.

Advantages and features

Lanolin oil - a complex remedy with a lot of nutrients:

  • fatty acids (lignoscerol, palmitic, carotene, stearin, montan, and behen);
  • alcohols (carnauba, cerilic and cetyl).

Lanolin oil according to chemical composition is similar to pharmaceutical lanolin. The liquid form of animal fat has all the properties of lanolin, making it easier to absorb the skin. What is lanolin oil useful?

  • removes itches and corns;
  • cares for the skin of the baby;
  • softens dry, rough skin;
  • reduces water loss through pores;
  • hypoallergenic and bacteriostatic;
  • for a long time keeps the skin elastic and young;
  • helps to heal cracks in the arms, legs, lips, nipples, knees, heels;
  • increases the level of self-cleaning hair, strengthens it, makes it soft, obedient;
  • helps in laying curly and naughty hair, added to shampoos and conditioners.

The component is part of the cosmetics for hair (shampoos and conditioners), lips (lipsticks and balsams), cleansing and softening agents for the skin, lotions and other means for sunburn, shaving creams. It is also used in ointments and balms to treat wounds and gums, burns and other skin irritations.

Important: the substance is partially comedogenic, can clog pores and lead to the development of inflammation and skin rashes. Use the remedy moderately, especially if your skin is prone to fatness.

Application and release form

Purified liquid lanolin (lanolin oil) is available as a thick liquid of golden yellow color. It is best to use pure oil or add it to your favorite cosmetic products.

  1. Against crackings of corns on hands and feet, outdated dirt, cracks, wrap lanolin oil in a damaged place. Especially suitable for such a way when working with earth, water or clay. Hands will become soft and smooth.
  2. Cracks on the heels - an occasion to make an application with lanolinic oil. Do it at night. It is desirable to wear warm socks.
  3. After wearing oil to the nail cuticles, you restore the health and beauty of your hands.
  4. Chapped lips will turn a tenderness and a healthy color if you smear them with liquid lanolin. Take the procedure before bedtime.
  5. Use a shaving cream instead. The skin will not be damaged, it will not overheat, it will not dry up. Apply lanolin oil to the face after the procedure, leave the rest with a napkin.
  6. Use as an application for shampoos. Lanolin will function as an air conditioner - the hair will be light, shining, soft, will grow fast.

Lanolin oil should be stored in tightly closed containers as far as possible from sources of light and heat.