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Amla Oil

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Amla Oil

The amazing beauty and density of Indian hair impresses everyone who has watched Indian cinema at least once. And this is not only their racial peculiarity, but the result of regular and proper care, the basis of which is amla oil.

What is amla oil

In the botanical classification, amla is a medicinal emblica, which is most often called the Indian gooseberry swamp. To obtain the oil, the dried fruit is infused on a base basis. After a few days, the tincture is filtered and then cleaned. After extraction, a natural oil is obtained, which has a green color of different saturation and a rather strong specific smell of oriental spices, incense and herbs.

Beneficial features

By its composition, amla is a whole complex that can provide complete hair care.

The largest amount contains vitamin C, which is considered one of the best antioxidants. In addition, it is very rich in proteins and fibers, there are also carbohydrates, minerals (phosphorus, calcium, iron), vitamins A, B, essential fatty acids, flavonoids, polyphenols.

As a result of using amla tincture in a short time, it can restore hair and solve many problems: from dandruff and excessive dryness of the skin to give volume and shine.

The product effectively strengthens the follicles, activates blood circulation, improves the structure of the hair, supplies it with nutrients, thickens the core.

What problems are used

The main use is aimed at preventing hair loss, treatment of total baldness and alopecia. In addition, the use of amla for hair is effective in the following cases:

  • prevention of early gray hair or the appearance of new gray curls;
  • growth acceleration;
  • moisturizing dry curls;
  • reduction of grease;
  • giving shine, silkiness, additional volume;
  • elimination of dandruff, thinning, brittle hair, split ends;
  • treatment of pustules, irritation of the scalp.

The beneficial properties of amla help to cope with many hair problems and simply give it a luxurious look.


When using this oil, three points must be considered:

  • it is able to dye blond hair, so blondes should choose a product of a light green hue, pre-testing the product on a small strand;
  • Strong specific odor can cause product rejection. To avoid this, it is recommended to add a little essential oil (lavender, orange), which will muffle the aroma or change its direction;
  • contraindication - individual intolerance to its components, which can lead to the development of allergies. Before the procedure, you need to check, lubricating the wrist with a diluted preparation, and after an hour to evaluate the result. In the absence of any reactions to the skin, the remedy can be used.

Subject to these recommendations, amla oil can be used for any type of hair - it has no other contraindications and restrictions.

Amla oil for skin

The product is usually used for hair care, but it is perfect for combating skin diseases. Apply oil on pre-moistened skin. This remedy eliminates acne in several uses. In addition, it helps to cope with facial wrinkles and get rid of excessive fat.

Amla oil is not found in every home medicine cabinet. But it is worth a try to appreciate all its useful properties.

Pure application

The great advantage of amla is that it can be used separately as an independent drug. Such procedures are recommended before washing your hair. For short hair, it is enough to take 2 tablespoons of oil, for long strands, the flow should be increased depending on their length.

By adding amla as the main or additional ingredient, a significant enhancement of the cosmetic effect can be achieved. The frequency of use and the duration of the course are the same as for pure oil.

All masks from amla are applied to dry hair, wrapped in a film and a towel. To obtain a positive result, it is enough to withstand the mask for 30 minutes, but the longer you hold, the more nutrients the nutrient mixture will give. Therefore, if there is time, then it is better to leave it on curls for 2-7 hours.

In the treatment of oily hair, the application of any mask begins with the roots, and for dry and brittle hair more attention is paid to the shaft itself and to the ends - they must be handled most carefully.