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Babassu Oil

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Babassu Oil

Babassu oil: non-toxic for delicate skin

Want your skin to be tender, beautiful and healthy? Try using Babassu Brazilian oil extracted from palm fruits! This universal remedy (in pure form or as a part of cosmetic preparations) was time to be estimated all over the world.

Origin and receipt

Written sources on Babassu oil were first mentioned in the 18th century, when its fruits were brought to Britain. The oil is obtained from the nuts of the palm tree Attalea speciosa, which grows in America, in the Amazon. Nuts contain up to 60% of healthy oil. The fruits of palm trees are used in cooking and cosmetology.

Palm seed oil is obtained by cold pressing, pressing it mechanically, and then purified by natural means, without using solvents. It has a pleasant creamy white color, has a very weak delicate aroma. The tool has a hard texture (like butter), but when applied to the skin it melts easily, because it melts at a temperature of + 23-30 ° C. In the liquid state (+ 28 ° C and above), the oil is light yellow, with a faint pleasant smell.

Benefits and features

Babassu oil has a rich and valuable composition. It found essential fatty acids - saturated and unsaturated, as well as vitamin E (a powerful antioxidant) and phytosterols, which reduce cholesterol levels. The concentration of healthy fatty acids in nuts Attalea speciosa reaches 65%!

What acids are in babassu oil:

  • 28% myristic;
  • 8% palmitic;
  • 48% lauric;
  • 6% stearic;
  • 20% oleic;
  • 4% capric;
  • 4% caprylic;
  • 2% linoleic.

Due to this concentration of acids, the natural product can be a natural UV filter, an antiseptic and an antibacterial agent.

What Babassu Oil can do:

  • moisturize the skin of the face and body, make it supple and delicate;
  • solder broken ends of hair and improve their structure;
  • soften rough skin, including the skin of the feet and cuticle;
  • protect the face and body from the aggressive effects of external factors;
  • assist in the elimination of cellulite and stretch marks, give the body elasticity;
  • accelerate skin regeneration, fight irritation, inflammation, scaling;
  • fight against germs, signs of aging, protect against free radicals.

Due to its high moisturizing properties and the absence of allergens, babassu oil is used in the care of all types of adult and children's skin. Especially it is useful for dry skin in the period of withering and problem youthful.

Babassu oil, like coconut oil, is easy to apply, does not clog pores, does not leave a greasy luster. By its composition, it is close to the natural skin fat (sebum), therefore it perfectly interacts with the skin, without creating a film and stickiness.

Application and release form

Babassu oil is widely used in cosmetology, both domestic and industrial. It is part of such industrial cosmetics:

  • soap;
  • cream;
  • lotions;
  • milk;
  • humidifiers;
  • shower gels;
  • shampoos and conditioners;
  • masks and hair balsams;
  • oils for and after sunburn, for massage, body and face;
  • additive in lip gloss, mascara, eyebrow styling products.

To slow down aging, lubricate the steamed face and body skin with Babassu oil 2 times a week for the night. You can also add 2 tablespoons of this tool in the bath. If this is not possible, oil the areas that are subject to drying out most often - elbows, knees, feet. This oil can also become a base for massage mixes prepared at home.

To care for your skin, mix Babassu oil with liquid oils - for example, apricot, almond or peach - in a 1: 1 ratio. Apply to the skin before bedtime. The skin will quickly become radiant and healthy, with a smooth beautiful color.

Important: for face care, it is better not to use pure Babassu oil - “brute force” can cause the appearance of comedones. The share of this product in facial cosmetics should not exceed 30%.

In homemade cosmetics oil can be used as a mask or a balm for dry, lifeless hair. It will maintain the desired level of hydration of the scalp, smooth out the hair structure, facilitate combing and prevent hair loss.

  1. For strong hair. Mix 1 tbsp. spoon babassu and cocoa butter (chamomile, rose, lavender), melt in a water bath. Apply the oil to your hair, wrap it in a towel and wash it off in an hour.
  2. For shine. Mix 1: 1 babassu, rosemary, neroli or ylang-ylang oil. Apply to hair at night, wrapped with a towel.

Important: it is necessary to wash off the mask 3-4 times so that there is no film on the hair.

Babassu oil is recommended for psoriasis, sunburn and eczema, skin irritation and damage. Store the product in a dry, dark place, tightly closed, and after opening - in the refrigerator.