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Baobab Oil Refined

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Baobab Oil Refined

Basic facts about unrefined baobab oil

The botanical name for the African baobab is Adansonia digitata, but in fact, people have come up with a few more names for it. Because of its unusual crown, it is called "a tree growing with its roots up". Because of its massive trunk, which in its shape resembles a bottle - "bottle tree". The baobab tree is not very tall - 18-25 m, although the thickness of its trunk is simply amazing - it reaches 25 or even 40 m in circumference. Leaves are oval, pointed at the ends, shiny, dark green. Large white flowers with five petals and a bunch of numerous stamens open late in the evening and live only one night, attracting the scent of bats pollinating them. After a while, peculiar fruits develop - boxes, in size and shape resembling a melon and covered with gray tomentose pubescence. Inside they have a sour white flesh with many small black seeds. Elephants are known for their special craving for baobabs. They eat these trees almost entirely - from leaves and branches to the trunk, inclusive, giving the elephants the juicy fibers of the core. The vitality of the baobabs is amazing. A fire can burn out the core of the tree, but it will grow as if nothing had happened. The bark, if ripped off, will grow again. Roots in search of water can grow hundreds of meters from the tree. The life span of baobabs is 2 - 3 thousand years, although many biologists claim that some of them live up to 4 - 5 thousand. In Africa, the baobab is considered a miracle tree. Local healers treat almost all diseases with medicines prepared from the fruits, leaves and bark of the baobab.

Characteristics: Has a high content of vitamins A, D, E and F, beta-carotene, amino acids, tartaric acid, which are essential for healthy skin. It looks like a very thin oily liquid.

Chemical composition:

  • Linoleic acid - 32.05%
  • Linolenic acid - 0.18%
  • Oleic acid - 32.06%
  • Palmitic acid - 25.4%
  • Palmitoleic acid - 0.15%
  • Stearic acid - 3.32%


The main effect of baobab oil is to actively moisturize all skin types. It is used to treat and restore dry, dehydrated skin, promotes rapid healing in case of sunburn. Increases elasticity, restores skin texture with age-related changes. Acts as a strong antioxidant, protects the skin from premature aging, reduces blemishes and scars, and soothes irritated and sun damaged skin. The oil allows you to maintain the elasticity of the skin for many years, is able to prevent stretch marks, which makes it ideal for pregnant women.

Cosmetic application

  • very light oil, quickly absorbed, without weighing down the skin and hair, does not leave a greasy sheen
  • Baobab oil very well softens and nourishes skin and hair of any type
  • helps to restore the lipid barrier of the epidermis
  • increases skin elasticity
  • has anti-aging properties
  • has antioxidant properties
  • makes the skin velvety
  • improves skin turgor (its elasticity and moisture)
  • helps in the fight against scars and stretch marks
  • prevents the formation of stretch marks during pregnancy
  • soothes the skin after sunburn
  • relieves irritation
  • has a slight whitening property
  • it absorbs quickly
  • improves skin elasticity, contributes to its regeneration
  • relieves rosacea
  • significantly reduces skin irritation, soothes it, and is also an active moisturizer
  • due to its excellent healing and regenerative properties, it is an excellent component for creating special mixtures for the treatment of eczema and psoriasis
  • also, it is good for the restoration of broken capillaries in the skin
  • is part of the care formulations for chemically treated, dry and frizzy hair that need generous conditioning before straightening
  • in combination with sea buckthorn oil, buriti, annatto helps in acne treatment
  • improves the appearance of split hair
  • returns healthy shine to hair and nails
  • not gummy, does not clog pores

Indication: For the care of sensitive and irritated skin. For restoration and strengthening of nails, treatment of excessive dryness, brittleness and splitting of hair. To heal skin cracks and prevent scarring

Application methods

  • used for hair restoration (masks, revitalizing shampoos)
  • in anti-aging products for the skin of the whole body
  • used as a base for the preparation of various ointments
  • the oil can be used in its pure form, as it is completely non-comedogenic
  • for hair care can be used in pure form, for skin care it is recommended to be added to the composition of mixtures
  • lipsticks and lip balms
  • massage mixtures
  • anti-wrinkle products for the skin around the eyes
  • hair conditioners