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Blackberry Seed Oil

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Blackberry seed oil unrefined organic virgin cold pressed pure glass dropp 1 oz
Blackberry seed oil unrefined organic virgin cold pressed raw premium pure 4 oz
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Blackberry Seed Oil

Blackberry seed oil is a common ingredient in many cosmetics and perfumery products. A 100% natural oil, it has a wide range of indications and is safe regardless of skin type.

Physical and chemical characteristics Blackberry seed oil

Blackberry seed oil is a light green or golden liquid with a characteristic fresh nutty smell. The oil is unrefined and obtained through cold pressing of blackberry seeds. It is characterized by a unique chemical composition in terms of the content of nutrients:

  • proteins
  • minerals
  • vitamins (C, E)
  • chlorophyll
  • carotenoids
  • phytosterols
  • fatty acids: linoleic, alpha-linolenic, oleic, palmitic, stearic, as well as arachidic, eicosenic, behenic and other acids.

Applying blackberry oil

Blackberry seed oil has held its leading position in the face, body and hair care products industry for many years - namely in the line of phyto-cosmetic products.

Cosmetic properties of blackberry seed oil:

  • powerful antioxidant
  • comprehensive care for mature, problematic and damaged skin
  • anti-aging anti-aging effect (smoothing wrinkles, reducing the appearance of pigmentation)
  • activation of the processes of cell division and renewal
  • moisturizing
  • vitamin nutrition
  • restoration of damaged skin cells
  • whitening property
  • soothes irritated and flaky skin
  • fast healing (no scarring)
  • complete caring hand care
  • protective action
  • anti-inflammatory effect

This oil is indispensable, first of all, for people with skin problems, as blackberry oil provides getting rid of acne or other rashes, relieves inflammation, improves the secretion activity of the skin glands, improves skin condition and promotes rapid scarless healing of acne marks.

Cosmetic products in which it is recommended to add blackberry seed oil

  • Means for dry skin.
  • Anti-aging cosmetics.
  • Products after sunburn.
  • Face masks.
  • Whitening creams.
  • Remedies for acne.
  • Creams for eyes, neck and décolleté.
  • Means for strengthening nails.
  • Means for strengthening hair.
  • Lip balms.

The recommended input rate for cosmetic formulations is from 1 to 5.5%.

Target audience for blackberry seed extract, fiber and oil

Cosmetics containing blackberry extract are indicated primarily for all those who suffer from acne and skin rashes, sebum regulation disorders and various kinds of inflammation: such products dry the skin well, remove red spots, and even out its color. At the same time, blackberry oil has been shown more as a healing and nourishing component - it is used to combat the signs of skin aging, as well as after damage (caused by wind, sun, etc.). Blackberry fiber

Who are blackberry extract, seed oil and fiber contraindicated in?

As natural cosmetic ingredients of plant origin, both oil and blackberry extract are considered completely non-toxic substances. Problems with the use of cosmetics containing blackberry extract can arise only with individual sensitivity. So blackberry extract and oil are contraindicated in case of allergy to this berry.