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Brazil Nut Oil

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Brazil Nut Oil

Brazil nut oil is very popular among cosmetologists and doctors. This is due to the mass of positive properties that are achieved due to the qualitative composition. The nutritional components and microelements underlying the product fill the body with essential substances and replenish energy reserves.

The chemical composition of the oil: trace elements and vitamins

Brazil nut extract has a unique chemical composition. It is based on useful trace elements, in particular magnesium, calcium, potassium and iron.

At 18%, the plant’s fruits are composed of plant protein, which the body needs to maintain vitality. This component is a building element that takes an active part in the formation of immunity. At 13%, the plant consists of carbohydrates, which help restore strength. About 69% are fats, they positively affect the general condition and contribute to the elimination of cholesterol.

Brazil nut extract is based not only on beneficial trace elements, but also vitamins, in particular A, C, E and PP. Most of them are represented by components belonging to group B. They are the best medicine against acute inflammatory processes.

Finally, it is the Brazilian fruit that is considered the richest source for the content of selenium. Daily use of a unique fetus allows you to maintain general condition and remove dangerous toxins from the body.

Useful properties of Brazil nuts

The presence of a huge amount of vitamins, minerals and minerals, allows the use of Brazil nut oil in cosmetology. Due to its unique composition, all components are distinguished by powerful properties.

You can use the fetus in many fields of activity. The main properties of a nut include:

  • increase potency;
  • stimulation of sperm formation;
  • increase immunity;
  • strengthening of blood circulation;
  • normalization of the cardiovascular system;
  • prevention of the development of cancer;
  • nourishment and hydration of the skin.

The use of oil in cosmetology for the face

Using the component in a pure form allows you to normalize the condition of the skin.

Face masks with Brazil nut oil eliminate redness, acne and restore skin after the negative effects of direct sunlight and cold air. Using the extract allows you to normalize both the external and internal state

It is necessary to apply the extract both independently and in combination with other oils and cosmetics. In its pure form, the product is applied as a face. The remaining oil from the face is removed with napkins, and from the curls by thorough washing with shampoo.

The use of hair oil in its pure form is appropriate for medicinal purposes.

The average course of therapy for hair is 10-15 procedures. The extract stays on the hair for about 3-4 hours, then is removed by thorough rinsing with warm water and shampoo.

Together with shampoo and conditioner, the extract is used as a preventive measure.

Brazil nut oil for massage

You can use the extract for massage. The calming properties of the nutrient mass can soothe the skin and enrich them with nutrients. Experts recommend using the product, both in pure form, and together with other plant components.

To massage the scalp, Brazil nut extract is mixed with jojoba in a 1: 1 ratio.

Brazil Nut Oil: Nail Benefits

You can use the product for nails. In this case, the oil is applied to the nail plate and rubbed into it with massage movements. This allows you to restore the structure of the nail and strengthen it.

You can apply the product for massage purposes for the whole body. Due to its properties, Brazil nut calms the skin and helps restore it. However, it is strictly forbidden to use for people with acute allergic reactions and intolerance to the components of the product.