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Chia Seed Oil

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Chia Seed Oil

Chia seed oil in cosmetics

Exotic seeds of chia, a plant related to sage, are an excellent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent containing a high level of essential fatty acids, amino acids and vitamins, which is used for cosmetic purposes.

Chia Seed Oil Sources

Chia is an annual herbaceous plant belonging to the mint family, typical of southern Mexico and northern Guatemala. Industrial production of chia seeds also begins to develop in various regions of South America, including in Argentina.

On its long inflorescences, numerous small seeds ripen in the fall. The yield of raw materials varies significantly: from 400 to 900 kg per 1 hectare. The content of omega acids in seed oil can also be very different - this indicator depends on agricultural methods and methods of processing the collected raw materials (in addition, this oil is a very sensitive product due to its specific composition of fatty acids). It is believed that the maximum of useful compounds contain supercritical carbon extracts (CO2 extracts) of seeds, where a minimum concentration of omega acids of 60% is declared.

Chia seed oil is obtained by cold pressing from the seeds of a plant: this technology allows to achieve excellent quality and maintain maximum organic material. Often the production of chia oil uses the patented Vacumex technology, when the processed product is protected from exposure to light, heat and oxygen.

The effect of chia seed oil in cosmetics

Chia seed oil is believed to be the richest plant source of omega fatty acids (up to 63%). It also contains phytosterols, flavonoids and phenolic acids, caffeic acid, tocopherols (vitamin E, in particular Υ-tocopherol) and other polyphenolic antioxidants - myricetin, campferol and quercetin. However, chia has a huge number of healing properties, mainly associated with the action of numerous aromatic compounds that contain all plants of this genus.

Chia seed oil comprehensively affects the skin: as a rejuvenating, anti-inflammatory, anti-redness, anti-wrinkle substance. Antioxidant properties and a pronounced moisturizing, softening effect allow it to be used as an effective soothing agent even with the most sensitive skin. Sometimes chia oil is mixed with soft shea butter or stearin - this combination perfectly restores skin elasticity. Chia seed extract is also widely used, which restores the protective barrier of the skin, reduces inflammation, and also has an additional moisturizing effect, acting like hyaluronic acid: leaves moisture in the skin, blocking its excessive evaporation from the epidermis.

As a fat-soluble substance with pronounced antioxidant properties, chia seed oil is used in cosmetics as a natural preservative. Distributed in combination with rosemary and other herbal ingredients, saturated with essential oils.

Who is shown chia seed oil

This component is used for the following purposes:

  • As an anti-wrinkle remedy.
  • To moisturize the skin.
  • As a sedative (anti-inflammatory agent).
  • Against rosacea and rosacea.
  • As a protective agent.
  • As a general anti-aging component.

Nourishing masks with chia seed extract make the skin silky, tone and saturate with moisture. This is possible due to the ability of the grains to absorb a huge amount of liquid. Masks with this component smooth the tone and texture of the skin of the face, start the regeneration process and rejuvenate, and also, importantly, do not violate the function of the sebaceous glands, therefore they are safe even with oily skin.

In addition, chia seed oil is well suited for various applications in dermatology, for example, to reduce the severity of post-acne, as well as intensive skin care for eczema and psoriasis - this ingredient perfectly eliminates itching, peeling and discomfort.

To whom chia seed oil is contraindicated

Chia seed oil is a herbal component that is completely harmless to the skin, even baby or hypersensitive. Strict contraindication is a reaction of individual hypersensitivity.

Cosmetics containing chia seed oil

Chia seed oil is used in a wide variety of cosmetic products. The concentration range of this component in the finished cosmetic products is 1-4%. This ingredient is also used in home cosmetics - for face and body skin care, as well as for hair care. For example, a gel based on chia seed oil and lemon juice helps to saturate the hair with moisture and protect it from dry air and other aggressive environmental factors.