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Chili Pepper Oil Unrefined

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Chili Pepper Oil Unrefined

Cold pressed red chili oil unrefined

Known for its pungent flavor, chili is used for culinary purposes as a spice. Chili pepper oil has impressive properties: protecting the skin, improving vision, relieving pain and inflammation, preventing chronic diseases, strengthening the immune system, improving heart function, and quickly helping to reduce weight. Oil should be consumed carefully as it has side effects such as upset stomach, skin irritation and tingling sensations in the extremities. When used responsibly and properly prepared, chili oil is considered harmless to most people.

Chili peppers were first grown by ancient farmers in Central and South America, regions famous for their savory nuances. Today, chili peppers are grown all over the world, but most of all in Mexico, China, Spain, Nigeria and Turkey.

Chili peppers contain a bioactive plant compound called capsaicin, which is concentrated in the seeds and the white inner membrane. The more capsaicin, the hotter the pepper.

Chili peppers are distinguished by their bitterness due to their high amounts of capsaicin. It is the properties of capsaicin that make it possible to use chili pepper oil to relieve pain, prevent peptic ulcer disease, and maintain normal cardiovascular function. In addition, chili pepper acts as an antioxidant, which means that it prevents atherosclerotic manifestations, problems with the nervous system, and reduces the risk of diabetes and even the appearance of neoplasms.

Red chili oil is a versatile dressing for anyone who loves spicy foods. Pepper oil is added to salads, vegetables, meat, fish, pasta and rice dishes. Chili oil adds a special flavor to pizza, pasta and risotto. True gourmets use chili oil to spice up soups and barbecues. 

Chili oil properties

  • chili oil is a dietary product;
  • used for cosmetic purposes, improves blood circulation;
  • contribute to the acceleration of metabolism in the subcutaneous fatty tissue;
  • red pepper oil accelerates the metabolic process in the body;
  • contributes to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, atherosclerosis;
  • with complex application, it effectively acts in the last stages of oncology;
  • effectively affects the sources of viral infections;
  • helps to get rid of problems with the genitourinary system;
  • relieves from external damage to the skin (ulcers, fistulas, bites, tumors, deep wounds);
  • has a therapeutic effect on the joints;
  • is used for hair loss or slow hair growth.