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Coconut Oil

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Coconut Oil

Uses of coconut oil

Coconut oil, which is obtained from the pulp of a nut, has been known as a cosmetic product since the time of Cleopatra. Now it is a more versatile product, because it has found application in the food industry and medicine.

The term "coconut oil" is commonly understood to mean vegetable oil obtained from the fruits of the coconut palm belonging to the Palm family. To obtain the product, the pulp of the nut is separated from the shell, dried, and then squeezed.

The composition of coconut oil is fatty acids, vitamins E and C, squalene and sterols. Together, these substances endow the product with value, thanks to which it has become widely used in several areas of human activity.

Varieties of coconut oil

There are several types of coconut oil, popular: unrefined and refined.

Unrefined is characterized by the presence of smell and taste. This coconut oil belongs to the "extra-luxury" class, as it retains most of the nutrients. After application, a light, unobtrusive scent remains on the skin.

Refined is the absence of smell and taste. Some of the nutrients lose their properties during the refining process, reducing the effectiveness of the product as a whole. However, there is still a benefit, so this coconut oil will also find use.

Consistency at room temperature is firm in both varieties.

The use of coconut oil in cosmetology

The Egyptian queen Cleopatra cannot be called a true beauty in appearance, but she knew exactly how to charm men and what means to use for this, including cosmetic ones. Coconut oil during her reign was known as a rejuvenating and nourishing cream, and Cleopatra definitely used it.

The unique properties of the product have survived to this day. Cosmetics with its use have a beneficial effect on the skin, hair, nails. Natural coconut oil has found application in over 600 cosmetic products. And all because it:

  • suitable even for sensitive skin;
  • does not cause irritation;
  • the manifestation of allergic reactions happens very rarely and in a weak form;
  • not toxic.

When used, it performs three functions:

  • nourishes;
  • moisturizes;
  • softens.

Using coconut oil for hair

When choosing between refined or unrefined for hair care, experts advise giving preference to the second type. The nutrients it contains are enough to give strength, shine and beauty.

Coconut oil for hair is:

  • prevention of protein loss, that is, fragility and dryness;
  • regeneration of the structure of the hairline;
  • nutrition with vitamins, fatty acids and minerals;
  • obstacle to falling out.

You can use the oil before or during shampooing. 30-40 minutes before water procedures, the product must be melted, applied along the entire length of the hair and rubbed into the scalp. To increase the effect of exposure, it is recommended to wrap up with something warm, after wrapping your head with a film.

Applying coconut oil for eyelashes and eyebrows

Coconut oil helps to restore natural beauty to the lashes and eyebrows. Apply with a used mascara brush. Already a few days after the first application, the eyelashes become noticeably thicker, giving expressiveness even without mascara. A full course of using the product - and there is no need to go for building. It also helps to restore singed eyelashes.

On a note! So as not to melt each time, coconut oil in a liquid state can be poured into a small dark glass bottle, which is stored indoors.

Using coconut oil for your beard

We will not bypass the representatives of the strong half of humanity. The use of coconut oil in cosmetology for men is the use for the beard. Experts recommend it for those who have problems with the skin and facial hair. The product must be applied with massage movements and left for 30 minutes. A noticeable improvement occurs after several sessions.

Using coconut oil for the body

It is recommended to buy coconut oil for the body for people with very dry, prone to rapid fading and flaking. Despite its solid state, it is easily absorbed and seems to provide protection for the loss of moisture from the epidermis.

You can add it instead of bath foam. Hot water will melt the oil, thereby forcing to give maximum benefit to the body.

Applying coconut oil for sun tanning

Ultraviolet light has an adverse effect on the skin. Apart from other sunscreens, coconut oil does not provide any protection against burns and must be used in tandem. Applying oil in this case is all about moisturizing and nourishing, so before going to the beach, apply it to your skin and top up with sunscreen.

Applying coconut oil for hands and nails

They say that you can determine age by the skin of your hands? Proper care will slow down aging - and the skin will look healthy. Considering the above properties of coconut oil, using it in pure form or as part of other products will provide your hands with beauty. Thai cosmetics to help!

You can also make hand and nail baths and masks. Any nourishing cream is mixed with coconut oil, applied to hands, after which cotton gloves are put on. It is best to leave it overnight or for as long as it can withstand.