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Coconut 76 Degree Oil

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Coconut 76 Degree Oil

The beneficial properties of coconut oil

The latest revelation of cosmetics and home medicine is coconut oil, which can work wonders for the skin, and with the immune system, and with the general tone of the body. Analyzing the beneficial properties of coconut oil, why the purchase of the coveted jar should not be postponed for a day.

Coconut oil has been criticized for years for its high saturated fat content, which is harmful to the cardiovascular system. This is really the only product today in which the percentage of saturated fatty acids is so high that it makes up almost all of its basis. Recent studies have shown that saturated fat is not at all harmful to humans, and longevity indicators in Southeast Asian countries, where coconut makes up almost 60% of the local diet, speak exclusively in favor of this miraculous product. It has been proven that the saturated fat found in coconut oil is not at all identical to that found in cheeses and steaks that you really shouldn't get too carried away with, but, on the contrary, is extremely beneficial for the digestive system and metabolism.

Today, coconut oil is rightfully classified as one of the healthiest superfoods. It fights overweight and contributes to more productive brain function, smoothes the skin, and also has a general healing effect on the body. So, what is coconut oil good for?

  • Increases immunity - the fatty acids contained in coconut oil very well resist the penetration of harmful bacteria and viruses into the body, building a kind of natural barrier. In particular, those who regularly include coconut oil in their diet are not afraid of staphylococcal infections and thrush.
  • Kills hunger - Numerous studies have shown that those who consume coconut oil are less likely to feel hungry during the day. That is why it is so recommended to add it to your morning smoothie or yogurt.
  • Reduces weight - medium chain triglycerides, which are found in large quantities in coconut oil, improve metabolism, and with it contribute to weight loss and maintenance of normal metabolism in the body.
  • Reduces the Risk of Alzheimer's Disease - As a natural supplier of additional and in some cases alternative energy for the brain, ketones, which are positively influenced by saturated fats from coconut oil, can significantly reduce the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease.
  • Good for the heart and blood vessels - the saturated fats of coconut oil increase the so-called "good" cholesterol and suppress the "bad", helping to improve blood circulation and significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease in the long term.
  • Improves Food Taste - Perhaps the most underestimated health benefit of coconut oil is its pleasant aroma, which gives a completely unforgettable taste to many dishes. In particular, they are excellent for glazing shrimp, fish and scallops.
  • Makes hair fuller - how is coconut oil good for hair? The latest fashion in the hairdressing industry is natural coconut oil masks, which in a matter of days add shine and splendor to hair. The secret is that the oil interacts with the body's natural secretions and replenishes them.

Coconut oil for skin

After using coconut oil as a moisturizer after a shower, you will be completely unwilling to buy expensive body milk. Unlike mineral oils, natural coconut oil does not irritate the skin and is completely safe for all skin types.

  • Heals dry lips - if cosmetics based on mineral oils, again, are not recommended for use on particularly sensitive parts of the body, then coconut, on the contrary, will only bring positive results. This is especially true for the lips. During the winter season, when lips are most often at risk, coconut oil will be an irreplaceable helper - it will soften lips, quickly heal nasty cracks, and protect against harmful UV rays.
  • Softens cuticles - coconut oil will have the same softening effect on dry cuticles - it is enough to generously lubricate nails with it before the next manicure. In addition, it will strengthen the nail plate and moisturize the skin of the hands so that they will look significantly rejuvenated.
  • Replaces Makeup - Add a few drops of coconut oil to brighten your skin without having to resort to artificial makeup such as lip gloss, highlighter or sparkling eyeshadow. It is enough to rub their cheeks, apply a few strokes on the lips and eyelids, and the face will begin to glow with natural light.