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Evening Primrose Oil

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Evening Primrose Oil

Amazing properties evening primrose oils

Despite the fact that it is still considered exotic in our country, the period of its use for medicinal and cosmetic purposes goes back several thousand years, going back to the culture of the American Indians.

Primrose seed oil, a cute biennial that opens its flowers only in the dark, was appreciated by North American Indians more than two millennia ago, while evening primrose was considered one of the main medicinal tools of shamans as a healing culture. Enotera has fleshy roots, elongated toothed leaves and greenish tubular flowers with four yellow petals in the corolla. Evening primrose unfolds only in the evening, while the flowering period covers only a day. It grows not only in American territories, but also in Europe, Asia and even Australia. The main purpose of evening primrose and paste from its crushed seeds was to heal wounds and various injuries, to treat asthma and women's problems.

Enotera was appreciated not only in North, but also in South America: the Incas and Mayans also actively used this culture, and the Peruvian Indians called it “blood drinker” and used it as a universal plant for wounds, digestive problems, and headaches , colic, to regulate the menstrual cycle, to stop internal bleeding. The Mexican Pim tribes considered evening primrose to be the best remedy for fever and colds, and the Cinateca - for infertility and for healing the skin.

Already with the active development of aromatherapy practices, evening primrose oil began to be actively studied, while it was fully appreciated only in the 70s of the last century, in particular, its unique ability to enhance the healing properties of other base oils was revealed.


Oil from evening primrose seeds collected in leguminous fruits is extracted by simple cold pressing, while the oil yield is quite large - from 20 to 30%, but since the seeds themselves are very difficult to extract, primrose oil is one of the most valuable and rare.

The composition of evening primrose oil is quite unusual. It contains to a lesser or greater extent all the leading vitamins and minerals, but the main advantage of the oil is its fatty acid composition. Up to 80% of all oil is linoleic acid, whose action is enhanced by gamma and alpha-linoleic components, activated by rare eicosenic acid, supplemented with oleic, stearic and palmitic acids. The combination of components in the oil is unique not in terms of concentration, but in terms of a mutually reinforcing ratio, which plays the role of a kind of activator of biological processes. The composition of evening primrose oil is also distinguished by the fact that it is the only vegetable oil that is similar in characteristics to fish oil.

The color of the oil is luminous, golden, iridescent, pale yellow. The smell is very light, similar to nutty, with a hint of fish oil. But the taste is not very pleasant, but also not repulsive, it is a bit like pollen.

Primrose oil is never used concentrated, only for very serious skin lesions: it is always used in a mixture with any other liquid base oil with the desired characteristics and properties in a ratio of 1 to 10.

Primrose oil does not leave visible traces on the skin, but since it is used in combination with other bases, the properties after applying the mixture to the skin depend on the second oil, which is 90% in the mixture. Enotera plays the role of an activating additive in mixtures, that is, it enhances all the qualities and effects characteristic of other oils. Due to this unique quality, the oil is recommended to be added as an enhancer to increase the effectiveness of treatment and therapy, especially for chronic, chronic or serious problems with the epidermis.

Pure evening primrose oil has the ability to instantly relieve irritation, provide a noticeable softening effect, especially noticeable on flaky and dry skin. Evening primrose gives the skin beauty and health, inner radiance, while protecting it from aging and changes, has a regenerating, moisturizing and cleansing-whitening effect. She also exhibits all these properties in a mixture.

Use in cosmetology

Cosmetological properties are most pronounced on sensitive, allergic, dry and irritated skin, on which the oil after application has an instant soothing and soothing effect of irritation and redness. Primrose oil, added to any base, matched to skin type, is suitable for regular or special care as a nutritional supplement - softening, restoring beauty, tone and health. This base has pronounced anti-aging characteristics, in particular, the ability to prevent aging and sagging skin. Ideal for restoring healthy skin condition disturbed due to hormone imbalance.

With constant use, it has a beneficial effect on varicose veins, helps to restore and maintain skin tone with a sharp decrease in weight and other changes. In addition to restoring, evening primrose also has a cleansing effect, which allows you to achieve an even texture and color, including helping to remove age spots.

It is one of the best oils for massage, because due to its ability to enhance the qualities of other components, it allows you to achieve deeper relaxation and increase the therapeutic effect.

Primrose oil is also recommended as a nutritional supplement for hair care, making it strong, healthy and shiny. Playing the role of an additive that improves the structure and appearance of hair, parallel to evening primrose with the oils used as a base, it can effectively solve any hair problem - from dandruff to hair loss.

Evening primrose can also be used as a vitamin and nutritional supplement in cuticle care oils.


Primrose oil has no restrictions on use, with the exception of psoriasis, for the treatment of which it is necessary to limit the duration of exposure and carry out treatment under the supervision of a doctor.

Since evening primrose actively affects the genital area, regulates hormones and activates regenerative processes, it is better not to use it during pregnancy, except for use approved by the attending physician in cases of emergency.