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Hemp Seed Oil Refined

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Hemp Seed Oil Refined

Hemp oil. What is it?

Hemp oil is a rare and valuable type of vegetable oil. The food, dietary and industrial value of the product is considered several times more significant than other vegetable oils (for example, flaxseed). Hemp oil has no intoxicating effect and has nothing to do with it.

  • The only oil 100% assimilated by the body
  • Has a rich composition, thanks to which it serves as an excellent substitute for any animal fat, including butter.
  • Pine nut oil, recognized as the best vegetable oil, has such a rich composition.
  • The product is useful at any age and for absolutely everyone.
  • Its versatility is due to its fatty acid content comparable to fish oil and oily fish varieties.
  • The rich composition of vitamins is able to replenish the lack of essential elements in the body and protect against diseases and aging.
  • No other oilseed crop known in the plant world contains such a huge amount of organic compounds.
  • Oil belongs to effective, exclusively natural therapeutic and prophylactic agents.
  • The product retains all biologically active and useful substances, because made by pressing at low temperature.

For thousands of years, people have used hemp oil as a staple food. They were replaced with pork fat, sunflower oil and called "lean". Being a primordially Slavic product, today hemp oil has become a star of foreign publications and programs, a "boom" in the vegetable oil market [7].

The oil has a rare beautiful greenish tint. In the taste you will find a slight sourness and a pleasant light aroma. But not only these feelings you will receive. There is also a nutty flavor in the oil and a distant reminder of sunflower oil and seeds.

Hemp oil is used alone and in combination with other oils. With frequent use, it does not become boring, it is well compatible with drugs, it is an independent drug. Do not fry in this oil. They are used in salads, cold dishes, cottage cheese, and used in sauces.

Store oil in a dark container and in a cool place for up to 12 months. When frozen, the product can be stored indefinitely. If used carelessly, the oil will thicken and turn rancid.

The beneficial properties of hemp oil

  1. Antineoplastic;
  2. Anti-inflammatory;
  3. Pain reliever;
  4. Antioxidant; e
  5. Choleretic;
  6. Expectorant;
  7. Calming;
  8. Fortifying;
  9. Wound healing;
  10. Sunscreen.

Hemp oil composition

  • Contains about 400 known organic compounds, which is an exceptional advantage in comparison with other oilseeds.
  • Essential fatty acids. Their content is comparable only to pine nut oil: linoleic acid: 50-60% omega-6 class, alpha-linoleic: 16-20% omega-3 class. The ratio of these acids is within the recommendations of the WHO and the Institute of Nutrition. These acids are especially valuable for the elderly and people with poor health. Gamma-linolenic acid, rarely found in food, is abundant in hemp oil. This acid prevents the development of a large number of human diseases.
  • Monounsaturated oleic acid: 11-14%. A significant amount of this acid is also comparable to cedar nut oil.
  • Contains many other valuable active substances: micro- and macroelements, fat-soluble vitamins, phospholipids, bactericidal substances, sterols, etc.
  • Attention! Scientists have found other substances in the composition of hemp oil. They have not yet been identified, but the researchers said that the elements found enhance the healing effect of other components.

Hemp seed oil in cosmetology

The oil is considered an excellent cosmetic product that restores the protective function of the skin, relieves irritation, inflammation, and removes wrinkles. Hemp oil is absorbed quickly enough without leaving any greasy residue. This property of "dry oil" allows you to apply the product in its pure form, applying it directly to the face or body, add it to the composition of masks and creams.

Hemp oil for face

  • Hemp oil mixed with a teaspoon of sour cream, oatmeal and one egg yolk will soften the skin of the face, refresh and improve its color. This mask is kept for 20 minutes and then washed off with water.
  • Pure oil, simply applied to the face, will also give an excellent effect, and it can be applied on any areas: all over the face, around the eyes, on the care of the neck.

Hemp oil for hair

All-purpose hemp oil is suitable for all hair types. The main purpose of the product is to improve the scalp, strengthen hair follicles and prevent any diseases. It is enough to add a few drops to shampoo and conditioner to give healthy shine to hair and stimulate rapid growth. For masks using hemp oil, add carrot juice, honey, herbal decoctions, lavender or rosewood essential oil.