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Marula Oil

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Marula Oil

Marula oil and its properties

Marula base oil is so light and weightless on the skin that it almost resembles water. But despite its delicate texture, it is one of the super-effective aromatherapy products with the so-called express effect, which, with constant use, can lead to systemic changes. Excellent regenerating properties, complemented by amazing softening and moisturizing, combined with a high oil persistence and a complete absence of unpleasant effects after application, make marula a unique base for use not so much in mixtures as in its pure form. This is one of the best summer oils.


Marula oil is considered one of the most active antioxidants among all bases used in aromatherapy. Its chemical composition is based on oleic acid (70-78%) with the addition of linoleic, palmitic and stearic acids and a high percentage of vitamin E. On average, the proportion of tocopherol in various forms is 26 mg per 100 g, of which 22 mg is valuable. gamma-tocopherol.

But the most remarkable thing is not the fatty acid composition of this base, but the content of organic matter. Marula is considered unique because, depending on the characteristics of a particular raw material, up to 28% of proteins can be included in the oil. Atypical for base oils and a high iodine content, as well as a full set of trace elements necessary for the skin.

Behavior on the skin

Marula oil creates the thinnest protective barrier on the skin, but it is not visible or even felt, but only helps to establish cellular respiration and retain moisture in the inner layers of the epidermis.

Absorbing amazingly quickly and almost instantly penetrating into the skin after application, marula does not leave any visible marks on it, including even the slightest oily sheen. After applying this oil, the skin becomes more elastic and soft, tender, its elasticity is noticeably increased, and an instant feeling of pleasant silkiness and tightness arises.

All pleasant impressions after application of the oil are enhanced with systemic use.

Cosmetological properties

Marula seed oil combines healing, anti-inflammation, moisturizing, softening and nourishing properties with the ability to restore the skin's protective functions and regulate absorption and moisture loss, thereby restoring normal cellular respiration and natural moisture levels.

The regeneration of the natural hydrolipid balance and the complex effect that contributes to the renewal of both aesthetic characteristics and self-regulation of the skin, allows marula, even with a modest concentration in mixtures, to show truly amazing effectiveness.

Marula oil has a light mattifying effect, which, combined with the complete absence of a greasy residue on the skin and super-effective moisturizing, makes it as suitable for use in the hot season as an oil, like raspberry seeds, cherry pits and baobab.

Marula effectively increases the overall skin turgor, restores its elasticity and firmness, mainly affecting the skin's ability to retain moisture. With systemic use, this oil smoothes fine wrinkles, removes other age-related manifestations, restores freshness and smoothness to the skin.

Simultaneously with moisturizing, marula nourishes and softens the skin, strengthens the intercellular membranes, thereby maintaining the beauty and health of the epidermis.

Marula is one of the best oils that protect against early aging and environmental influences. It simultaneously contributes to the maintenance of internal health and counteracts the negative influence of various factors. It is an active antioxidant that enhances the protective functions of the skin and contributes to the more effective action of other anti-aging ingredients.

Today, one of the most valuable properties of marula base oil is recognized as the ability to strengthen and regenerate connective tissues, making it one of the most effective means of preventing stretch marks, especially during pregnancy. As such, it is traditionally used in all African countries.

Marula oil has a regenerating and normalizing effect on inflammation in case of skin damage. It helps to accelerate the healing of burns, especially sunburns, various cuts, scratches. For the treatment of damaged skin, not the moisturizing property of marula is of greater importance, but the ability to stimulate regeneration, restore protective functions and connective tissues, stimulate metabolic processes, thereby accelerating the process of natural renewal.

Marula will not only help fight various injuries, but also protect against many traumatic factors. It perfectly prevents sunburn, prevents the skin from chapping, drying out excessively, cracking, and is one of the most effective bases for fighting free radicals.

Marula oil is also famous for its soothing effects. The properties that relieve inflammation are especially pronounced in various skin irritations, including itching and redness caused by insect bites.

But if the anti-inflammatory characteristics of the oil are expressed in a mild form, then the protective ones are really unique. Due to the effect on the tissues themselves, the ability to restore natural protective barriers, marula gradually removes excessive sensitivity of the epidermis, reduces the tendency to allergic reactions and various dermatitis caused by external physical or chemical irritants. This oil can be used as a component that protects against aggressive effects of adverse weather or other conditions, as a means of maintaining the health and normal condition of skin prone to various irritations.

With all of the above unique properties and fairly intense characteristics, the ability to act as a tool for both general care and intensive recovery, marula is extremely pleasant, soft in terms of the effect of oil, does not cause not only unpleasant sensations, and is uniquely gentle. It can be used without fear for the care of baby skin, including for combating irritations and rashes, solving problems with sunburn, and counteracting the negative effects of the external environment. On children's skin, this oil is most strongly manifested precisely its protective characteristics.