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Onion Oil

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Onion Oil

The ancients considered onions to be omnipotent, and the people firmly believed that even the smell of onions drives away diseases. And so he hung tight bundles of onions in the huts during the times of raging epidemics. Onions were added to the food for warriors - it was believed that this way they would gain unprecedented strength, courage and energy and defeat the enemy. And if you cut a raw onion in front of the enemy, he immediately loses all his hostile fervor and presence of mind, a tear breaks through him, and right on the battlefield the warring ones immediately reconcile and fraternize. Scientists have found out: the magic power of onions is in phytoncides - volatile substances that have a detrimental effect on putrefactive and pathogenic bacteria.

Useful properties of onion oil

It is difficult to say what is more valuable for the Chinese - the taste or the benefits of onion oil. The product is highly respected in Asia and is credited with many beneficial properties. Spicy dressing is used in folk medicine to treat a wide range of diseases, from mild weakness and fatigue to serious heart and vascular ailments.

The benefits of onion oil:

  1. Antibacterial effect. Onions are the strongest natural antibiotic, and therefore provide an anti-inflammatory effect. This effect is so powerful that often the spicy dressing is even used externally for the healing of various wounds and infections on the skin. And, of course, it helps with internal inflammatory processes.
  2. Strengthening the immune system. The product strengthens the body's defenses, affects the resistance to various infections. It is especially effective in preventing colds. Therefore, using onion oil on the menu during flu epidemics is a great idea. However, the dressing can provide not only a preventive, but also a curative effect - it saves from coughing, has an expectorant effect.
  3. Toning effect. Often, the product is used to increase the general tone of the body: it is given to patients for a speedy recovery, and is also used for stress, depression, insomnia. The product copes well with general overwork. Also popular as an appetite stimulant.
  4. Prevention of diabetes mellitus. Due to the presence of specific components in the composition, the product has an antidiabetic effect, reducing blood sugar levels. It is effective, however, not only as prevention, its use is very important in the diet of a person who already has a diagnosis of diabetes.
  5. Choleretic effect. Onion oil also has a good effect on the function of the gallbladder, helping it to work in an active mode, secreting the right amount of bile and allowing better digestion of food fats.
  6. Improving bowel function. When the dressing is included in the diet, it also has a positive effect on the digestive system. First, it is a source of B vitamins - the main metabolic vitamins that determine the efficiency of converting food into energy. In addition, the product relieves nausea, has a general stimulating effect, as a result, appetite is normalized, useful components are absorbed more fully, and harmful ones are quickly excreted.

Due to the presence of a component such as quercetin in onions, the product is also credited with many other healing properties, including anti-cancer properties. However, you still need to understand that it is worth counting on such a beneficial effect, rather, if the onion is used fresh.


general tonic, sedative, expectorant, bactericidal, wound healing, hypotensive, antifungal, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory. It is a natural antibiotic.

  • helps in the treatment of various pustular infections on the skin, is used for wound healing
  • increases human immunity, reduces the risk of contracting an infection
  • fights against colds and viral diseases, saves from coughs, bronchitis and lung infections
  • eliminates nausea, general weakness, stimulates appetite
  • tones the body when overworked, successfully fights against asthenic syndrome
  • reduces blood pressure in case of mild hypertension
  • eliminates stagnation of bile in the gallbladder, improves bowel function
  • prevents the formation of cholesterol plaques in atherosclerosis
  • reduces blood sugar, protects against strokes and liver cirrhosis 

Application methods

For skin problems (burns, cuts, acne): rub a drop of onion oil until completely absorbed.

Add one teaspoon to dishes (salads, cereals, side dishes, meat dishes).

Pure: one teaspoon of oil on an empty stomach. 

Contraindications and application features

  • The oil has a specific pungent odor and properties of a lacrimator - it causes lacrimation, take precautions when using it.
  • Onion oil in most cases does not cause side effects. But if you experience any discomfort or discomfort after using, stop taking onion oil immediately.
  • Individual intolerance to the product.
  • Do not consume oil while breastfeeding.
  • Before use, conduct an individual test for tolerance (apply a small amount of oil on the wrist area and wait 15-20 minutes. If the skin becomes red, you can start using it without fear).