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Pumpkin Seed Oil Refined

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Pumpkin Seed Oil Refined

Pumpkin seed oil: benefits and harms

Pumpkin seeds are a real storehouse of nutrients. And introducing a small amount of oil into the daily diet is a great way to get these substances without overloading the body.

This product contains:

  • vitamin A - the guarantee of good vision and youthfulness of the skin;
  • vitamin E - one of the most famous natural antioxidants;
  • B vitamins - are involved in almost all metabolic processes;
  • vitamin C - a natural antioxidant and body protector;
  • zinc is an essential mineral for the beauty and health of the reproductive system;
  • magnesium is an antistress mineral;
  • polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3, which have a positive effect on the functioning of the heart, brain and liver;
  • phytosterols - hormones for beautiful skin and health of the endocrine and reproductive systems;
  • flavonoids - help maintain liver health.

Remember that oil can be not only beneficial, but also harmful. First of all, we are talking about allergies and individual intolerances.

Pumpkin seed oil in cosmetologists: beauty of hair and skin

Due to its anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and antibacterial properties, pumpkin seed oil provides many benefits for skin, hair and nails.

Its combination of fatty acids and antioxidants makes it an excellent care product for mature skin. Vitamin E nourishes and regenerates epidermal cells. All skin types absorb the product easily. It moisturizes dry areas, heals acne, lightens age spots and evens out complexion. Adding pumpkin seed oil to cosmetic creams will help exfoliate dead skin cells and replace them with new ones.

By actively destroying fungi and bacteria, the oil cleanses the hair follicles and stimulates hair growth. To give your hair shine and elasticity, it is useful to make oil masks once a week or add a few drops of oil to a regular shampoo.

Here are 5 ways to use it:

  • Make 15-minute face masks from 0.5 teaspoon of pumpkin seed oil, 1 tbsp. spoons of honey and 1 tbsp. spoons of natural yogurt. The composition effectively smoothes wrinkles.
  • Take warm baths with the addition of 1 teaspoon of oil. The procedure moisturizes the skin and relieves nervous tension.
  • Rub into skin before applying makeup. This helps to even out the texture of the skin and give it freshness.
  • Remove eye makeup with a cotton pad moistened with pumpkin oil. The result will be hydration of the eyelid skin and rapid eyelash growth.
  • Rub in eyebrows at night. The oil promotes thickening of the hairs.

How to choose and store

When choosing, you should give preference to cold-pressed oil. Minimal heat treatment fully preserves the healing properties of fatty acids. Such a product avoids spoilage and rancidity longer. The greener the tint, the higher the quality.

Immediately after purchase, the product must be poured into a dark glass or ceramic container and placed in a cool place without direct exposure to sunlight. In such conditions, it will last up to 6 months. The oil will stay fresh in the refrigerator for 1 year. Heating destroys the healing substances of the oil.