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Sesame Oil

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Sesame Oil

Natural beauty is always in fashion, therefore, in order for the hair and body to always look healthy and well-groomed, it is necessary to constantly perform various cosmetic procedures. Natural ingredients are very popular in modern cosmetology, among which sesame oil deserves special attention. This valuable product not only has a lifting effect, but also completely rejuvenates the entire body.

Features and benefits of sesame oil

The chemical composition of sesame seeds contains many biological elements that are necessary for the care of delicate skin. This type of oil is made from both white and black seeds. In cosmetology, a particularly valuable product obtained by cold pressing of seeds, in which the raw materials are not pretreated. At the same time, white sesame oil is widely used. It has a unique structure and a pleasant buttery consistency.

The beneficial effect of a cosmetic product is due to the presence of a variety of trace elements in it, among which are:

  • Vitamin E. Promotes natural skin rejuvenation, makes it firm and elastic. Regular use of oil speeds up the process of nourishing cells, reliably protects them from the negative effects of ultraviolet radiation.
  • Lecithin. It moisturizes dry skin well, softens rough areas.
  • Sesamol. A biological substance that is used in many sunscreen products.
  • Protein. It makes the skin attractive and firm.
  • Saturated and unsaturated acids.
  • Mineral and vitamin compounds in the form of magnesium, fluorine, phosphorus and calcium.

As you know, sensitive skin requires special care. In this case, sesame oil will become an indispensable assistant, in addition, this product can also be used for massage procedures for young children. It does not harm, relieves irritation and redness on the body.

A common problem in cosmetology is the care of the skin around the eyes, since it is too sensitive to external stimuli and mimic wrinkles may appear early in this area. For gentle care in this area, it is recommended to use sesame oil. It not only moisturizes the skin well, relieves puffiness, but also helps to maintain the beauty of the face. Positive feedback, in this case, received a massage of the eye line, after which there is a smoothing of wrinkles and an improvement in complexion.

One of the main components of the oil is magnesium, which has the property of relaxation. It makes the face fresher, activates the body's resistance to adverse external factors and stress. For a quick effect, you need to apply the natural remedy daily before bed. In addition, sesame oil is ideal for correcting skin after treating irregularities, scars and acne. It reduces the appearance of pigmentation, resulting in an even skin tone.

Mode of application

Sesame oil can be used for both hair and skin care. There are no special rules for the use of the product, since its comedogenicity is minimal. Unlike other types of oils, it cleans pores well, protects them from pollution and does not clog. Therefore, it can be simply rubbed into the skin several times a week. Masks with sesame oil are easily prepared at home on their own, among which the following options are very popular:

  • To eliminate rashes and relieve inflammation. You need to take one tablespoon of sesame oil, grape juice and aloe. Everything is thoroughly mixed and applied to the face for 20 minutes. It is best to wash off such a mask with a pre-prepared decoction of medicinal herbs. For the best effect of the mask, at the end of the procedure, you can apply a daily nourishing cream to your face.
  • For a rejuvenating effect, in a water bath you need to melt cocoa butter, to which add a tablespoon of sesame seeds. The mask is kept for 15 minutes, after which it is washed off with boiled water or milk.
  • To moisturize and nourish the face, prepare a mixture of banana and oil. This procedure must be repeated daily. Also, in this case, a mask made with sesame seeds and sour cream helps a lot. The components are taken in different proportions, mixed and applied to the face. The duration of the mask is 30 minutes.
  • Against reporting, a mask made from pine, sesame and tangerine oil is considered effective. The above ingredients are mixed and applied to the face overnight. To stop the appearance of fine wrinkles, it is recommended to add vitamin E to the composition of the masks. This mixture is also applied to problem areas overnight.
  • To keep the skin always silky and fresh, you should use a mask, the main components of which are glycerin, three tablespoons of sesame oil and cucumber pulp. You can also add peppermint and grapefruit esters to the mixture for more effect. This mask must be kept for 20 minutes, and then rinsed with warm water.