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Sunflower Oil

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Sunflower Oil

Sunflower oil is a sunny flower of well-being and beauty

Sunflower oil is well known to all who are involved in the preparation of delicious dishes. But this natural oil can also be used as a cosmetic. Learn all the secrets of using Sunflower Seed Extract!

Origin and receipt

Sunflower - a large flower from America, currently there are more than 110 of its varieties. The first sunflower began to cultivate the Indians who cooked from it a nutrient concentrate in the form of balls that were eaten during long transitions. The plants were baked bread, used for fever and snake bites, and from the pollen received a purple paint for ritual tattoos. To Europe sunflower fell in the XVI century, brought by Spaniards and sowed in the Madrid Botanical Garden.

Crude sunflower oil is pressed (cold spin) and extraction (refined). The ripe seeds are cleared from the husk to the dirt. The kernels of the seeds melt rolls, then heat treated and pressed under pressure. The oil from the press stands, the pressed mass (mesh) is sent to a second spin and extraction, and then - for refining. On the way out, the oil has shades of color from golden to brilliant, it smells pleasantly.

Advantages and features

Sunflower oil contains many useful substances. Their amount varies depending on the way the seeds are treated, as well as the location and conditions of sunflower growth. Most of the sunflower oil is the strongest natural antioxidant - vitamin E (compared with other vegetable oils). In addition, the composition of sunflower oil includes:

  • saturated fatty acids - stearic, linoleic, palmitic, linolenic, myristinic, arachic, oleic;
  • unsaturated fatty acids Omega-6, Omega-9;
  • vitamins A, E, K, B, D, phytosterols, choline;
  • minerals - iron, zinc, magnesium, calcium.

Sunflower oil is most often used in cooking. With it they make salads, first and second dishes, baking, preserving. Doctors use it in a complex of nutrition for the heart and blood vessels, blood purification, immune enhancement, metabolism improvement, treatment of chronic diseases of the stomach, intestines, liver, lungs, healing of wounds, regulation of endocrine and sexual glands. Powerful antioxidant Vitamin E protects cells from premature aging, has antitumor effect, improves skin and hair condition.

Sunflower oil is almost not used as an ingredient in industrial cosmetics, but it can be used in home care products for hair, face and body (masks, wraps, scrubs, creams).

Application and release form

Oil from sunflower seeds is suitable for skin care of any type. It cleanses, moisturizes, makes it elastic, softens, accelerates regeneration, smoothes fine wrinkles, protects against aggressive sun exposure. Oil does not create film on the skin, therefore it can be used by itself, without mixing with other components.

Sunflower oil is used as a means:

  1. To remove cosmetics. A few drops of oil on a cotton swab will replace expensive foam and gels. The procedure is performed before deep cleaning with a scrub, mask or peeling. The remedy does not dry the skin, removes dust, sweat, husky skin particles
  2. For the care of the skin around the eyes. Apply the massage with massaging applause in the morning and evening. Remove the excess of the product with loose napkins. Do not leave for the night.
  3. Compresses. Preheat the oil to 40 ° C, wet it with a gauze napkin and place it on the face. Hold for 30 minutes, warming your face with cellophane. Wash first with warm, then cold water without soap, or a warm decoction of lime blossom. The skin will have a beautiful healthy color.
  4. Masks for the face. For dry skin it is best to make a mask of a mixture of oil and cheese 1: 1. A mask of warm milk, honey, oatmeal and sunflower oil, as well as 1 yolk, 15 ml of oil and pharmacy ampoules of tocopherol will help to nourish the skin. Light and soften the dry skin will help the mask of oil, cream and instant coffee. For normal skin it is necessary to use a mask of sunflower oil, mixed 1: 1 with oatmeal, keep on the skin for 15 minutes. Sunflower oil cures with rash and acne: mix 1 egg yolk with oil and lemon juice (1: 1), keep it dry, wash with warm water. Twist the pores will help a 20-minute mask of green clay, green tea, essential oil of rosemary and sunflower oil (1: 1: 1: 1).
  5. Get healthy, beautiful eyelashes to help cotton pads with sunflower oil (well squeezed), laid eyes on for 15 minutes.
  6. For healthy shining hair without dandruff and fatness sunflower oil can be added to ready-made balms, masks and shampoos.

Keep unpacked oil in a cool dark place. Closed bottle is stored for about 1 year, open - 2 months.