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Tocopherol / Vitamin E Oil

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Tocopherol / Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E oil: concentrated youth for your face and body

Vitamin E in oil - the best help for the face, body and hair. It is able to delay the flow of time and save your beauty and freshness for many years. How to quickly and easily help your body maintain a good shape?

Origin and receipt

"Helps to give birth" - this is exactly the name of the Latin name Vitamin E. This vitamin, presented as a liquid, is a biologically active ether of tocopherol and acetic acid. It is obtained synthetically from vegetable oil.

In nature, this vitamin can be found in green vegetables, nuts, sprouted grains. Tocopherol is similar to the pigment of green plants - chlorophyll.

Vitamin E belongs to a group of compounds that interrupt the propagation of active forms of oxygen through biological membranes or through fat. The composition, in addition to natural vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol), contains natural mixed isotopes of tocopherol, which enhance the antioxidant properties of the solution.

The product is packaged most often in amber glass bottles with a glass dropper, or in plastic canisters. In appearance it is a transparent viscous oil solution of pale yellow or brownish-red color, with a mild taste and smell.

Advantages and features

Vitamin E oil makes the body incredibly fruitful, facilitating the process of digestion of proteins and fats. After absorbing and getting into the deep layer of skin, the tocopherol oil prevents oxidation and prevents the formation of toxic free radicals. It protects the user from the negative effects of ultraviolet radiation, gassed air, smoking, and the like. In addition, the device accumulates in the fatty layer of the body and "saves" from the oxidation of vitamin A and C, contributes to its accumulation in the liver.

In addition, vitamin E is irreplaceable in strengthening the walls of the blood vessels, the normal functioning of the muscles, connective tissue. It positively affects the childbearing function, slows down the development of atherosclerotic formations in the vessels.

Vitamin E plays a major role in protecting skin cells and membranes from aggressive environments, including:

  • softens the skin;
  • has anti-inflammatory effect;
  • prevents the appearance of wrinkles;
  • retains skin aging;
  • accelerates wound healing;
  • maintains lipid balance;
  • stimulates protective mechanisms;
  • keeps moisture in the skin cells;
  • protects skin cells from oxidation;
  • neutralizes the harmful effects of UV rays and contaminates the surrounding atmosphere.

Vitamin oil is combined with ferulic acid. The device maintains heating to 170-200 ° C, does not break down under the influence of acids and alkalis, has a pH of 4-8, on average, consistent with this indicator for the skin (5.5). Butter form of the preparation does not contain GMO and gluten.

Application and release form

Vitamin E oil can be used alone or mixed with products for skin care, hair and body, as well as in cosmetics, including:

  • in the means for the cuticle;
  • mask for face skin;
  • in sunscreens for the body;
  • shampoos for hair loss;
  • in creams-fluids and gels for skin forever;
  • in creams and serum, slowing down the facial wilting;
  • in products for the care of normal, sensitive and oily skin;
  • whitening cream for face skin from pigmentation and freckles;
  • in moisturizing and nutrient complex remedies for dry and flaccid skin.

Important: if the instructions for the cosmetic product are indicated "for skin care", the amount of vitamin E in its composition should be greater than 0.2%. Track this trend by buying ready-made industrial products with tocopherol oil.

How to use vitamin E oil for:

  1. Faces. You can add 2-3 drops of the product to the night cream and eye cream. This will slow down the aging of the skin and the risk of oncological reactions. The dry or fading skin thanks you for the evening rubbing with 2 drops of tocopherol for a kettle of spoon of rose oil or oil. For skin forever, a mask of 10 ml of vitamin E oil and 50 ml of olive oil is recommended. The composition should be applied, easily killing in the skin, along the massage lines. To feed the skin, you can mix your usual night cream with ½ teaspoonfuls of vitamin A and ¼ aloe vera and vitamin E. Keep the mask for 15 minutes. In case of acne, it will help to rub vitamins neatly.
  2. Body and hands. Took skin with tocopherol oil can be done with the help of hand-made preparations. For dry skin, a mixture of warmed E and honey 1: 1, for greasy, is added to the base oils and moisturizing agents.
  3. Hair. Dry hair will turn off a mask of 1 tbsp of coconut oil with 10 drops of tocopherol. Accelerate hair growth mask with 1 tablespoon of rapeseed oil and 15 drops of vitamin E, or a mixture of 15 drops of vitamin E, 1 yolk and 3 tablespoons. olive oil

The drug is stored in the factory packaging at a temperature of + 15-25 ° C, low humidity, lack of direct action of rays of the sun.