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Anise Essential Oil

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Anise Essential Oil

Anise essential oil: nourishes, tones, gives beauty

Anise essential oil, with its strong and persistent aroma, is reminiscent of medicine, and it is indeed an effective cure for colds and depression. And it is widely used in the manufacture of cosmetics - home and factory.

Origin and receipt

Anise ordinary, from the fruits of which is made of healing essential oil - an annual herbaceous plant of the celery family, whose homeland is the Middle East.

Anise has long been used as a refreshing and refreshing aroma, and its sweet taste can be found in drinks and sweets. Today, this plant is bred to produce fruits in Southern Europe, Asia Minor, Mexico, Egypt.

Anise oil is obtained by the method of distillation of the fruit - greenish-gray, with a pleasant smell and sweet-spicy taste. The fruits of the anise are collected until ripening, then dried in the sun, triturated, distilled with water vapor. Yield 1.5-6%.

Light yellow transparent liquid with intense spicy-fresh aroma contains more than one hundred substances. Aniseed oil can crystallize - it must be heated to return to a liquid state. It is very well stored - at least for up to 5 years, but only if the packaging is tight.

Advantages and features

The most important component of anise essential oil is a substance called anethole - its percentage is about 80-90%. The oil also contains fatty acids - propionic, myristic and anisic. A small number of ethers consist of:

  • α-fellandrene;
  • acetaldehyde;
  • anisketone;
  • dipentene;
  • linalool;
  • lemon;
  • camphene;
  • foam.

Anise oil is used in cooking for flavoring beverages, sweets, potions, milk and rice dishes, and preserving vegetables.

Aniseed distillate is one of the main healing aroma oils in respiratory diseases. It eliminates and relieves all kinds of coughs, gently lowers the temperature.

The most active anise affects the functioning of the kidneys, digestive system and urogenital system. The remedy eliminates acute disorders, chronic phenomena. In addition, aroma oil from anise is used in the loss of voice, inflammation of the gums, painful menstruation. It has an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect on small wounds and gingivitis.

In cosmetology, this substance is used as a means of active influence, especially in creams and masks for flabby, aging skin. Anise allows you to restore the skin, while normalizing fat balance, promoting deep moisturizing and increasing elasticity. In all cosmetics, anise oil can be used as an antiseptic additive.

Anise scent is an active antidepressant that helps maintain an upbeat mood, activates thinking and enhances adaptability. Has a beneficial effect on sleep, eliminating excessive excitability and anxiety.

Application and release form

Anise oil is available as a liquid, which must be stored in a dark, dry place, otherwise it will crystallize. Her complementary esters of oregano, nutmeg, lemongrass, verbena, cardamom, lavender, pettigrain, fennel, dill, geranium, lavender, cedar, caraway, sandalwood, tangerine.

Anise ether can be used to:

  • aromaculons - 1-3 cr .;
  • massage - 5 cr. per 10 g of base;
  • compresses and applications - 5-7 cr .;
  • 5-minute hot inhalation - 2 cr .;
  • aromatization of the room - 4 cr. 15 sq.m;
  • home cosmetics - 5 cr. 15 g of the product;
  • shop cosmetics - 2 cr per usual dose;
  • 20-minute bath - from 1 to 4 cr., gradually increasing the dose.

Anise oil is used as a means to rejuvenate the skin, restore its turgor, fresh color. Regular use of anise oil helps to normalize the water-fat balance of the epidermis. To improve the condition of your skin, add the substance to your own natural creams and masks, or to store-bought products.

In particular, a 20-minute mask of peach or grape seed (2 tablespoons) and anise (3 cr.) Tones the face. Mix with 3 cr. anise oil, 1 egg yolk chicken, 1 tbsp. of fat sour cream and 1 tbsp. Carrot juice nourishes the skin perfectly. Wipe face with ice with 1 tsp. cream, ½ tsp. lemon juice, 200 ml of mineral water and 5 cr. anise oil will restore skin elasticity. A half-hour mask of grated cucumber and sour cream with 3 cr. the anise ether will refresh your complexion.

For hair health, you need to make a head mask of 1 tsp once a week. gutter and coconut oil mixed with 1 cr. fir and anise oils. Rub the mixture into the skin, distribute the entire length of the comb, cover with a towel or cellophane, leave overnight.

Important: anise oil is very active, can cause dermatitis and allergies. Therefore, be sure to take an individual intolerance test. Do not use anise oil for skin inflammation, pregnancy, children under 3 years.