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Cedarwood Essential Oil

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Cedarwood Essential Oil

Resinous, smoky and slightly bitter aroma of cedar essential oil as if transports us into a forest breathing with freshness on the slopes of distant majestic mountains. Saturated with specific nuances and notes, more tart than other representatives of the coniferous group, the smell of cedar has symbolized abundance, fertility and prosperity since ancient times.

Important: Cedarwood essential oil should not be confused with pine nut base oil.

The real essential oil is obtained only from cedar needles, despite the fact that now more and more oils obtained from more “productive” wood are on sale. Wood oils are more affordable, but also more toxic, they differ in quality depending on the country of origin. The best oils include Texas and East African oils, protected by special brands.

In Europe, this oil is actually understood as an essential oil obtained from the needles of another related tree - thuja.

Cedar oil is obtained through the standard method of water-steam distillation.

For the prevention of colds, it is often mixed with other coniferous oils. Essential oils of ylang-ylang, grapefruit and rosewood are also considered complementary to it.

Impact on the emotional sphere

Cedar oil, as a representative of the Sun scent group, has a strong, revitalizing and regenerating character. It not only regenerates the aura and energy balance, but also gives noble confidence and determination, increases not only mental, but also physical activity.

Being one of the most powerful adaptogens among all essential oils, it effectively contributes to adaptation to new climatic and geophysical conditions. This oil carries inspiration, protection, strength and belief in success.

Beneficial features

Like all members of the Conifer family, this oil boasts excellent antiseptic and antiviral properties. Belonging to the group of strong pulmonary antiseptics, it is used not only as an expectorant, but also as a soothing agent for dry coughs.

Essential oil of cedar has an effective anti-inflammatory, hormone-regulating, diuretic, analgesic effect, eliminates tremors and nervous tremors, promotes rapid and effective wound healing and skin recovery after damage, improves blood circulation and increases efficiency.

Cedar is a fairly strong aphrodisiac that affects the sensory sphere in almost the same way as the emotional one: it removes discomfort and stiffness, and gives confidence.

As a rejuvenating agent that increases skin tone and elasticity, it is also used in cosmetology. Combining anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, this ester is used in the treatment of all types of infectious, viral, mechanical damage to the skin, including in the fight against post-allergic manifestations, all types of burns.

Along with orange essential oil, it is used in the treatment of obesity and associated cellulite.

It is also effective in the composition of hair care products with a pronounced prophylactic effect (prevention of dandruff and hair loss).

Application and dosage

When applied directly to the skin, this ester usually causes a slight burning sensation. There is practically no allergic reaction of the skin to it, but an individual odor intolerance may appear a few minutes after application.

It should not be taken simultaneously with alcohol, during a course of chemotherapy, and during pregnancy.

Since this ether stimulates performance and increases activity, it should not be used for hyperactive states and increased anxiety.

Application methods:

  • as a prophylactic agent, the most effective method is an aroma lamp or aromaculon: for a personal medallion, 2 or 3 drops of oil are enough, but add 4 to 7 drops to the aroma-burner for a standard amount of water;
  • in case of respiratory tract diseases, other procedures should be added to the usual aromatization of premises. For hot and cold inhalations, 3 drops of oil are enough for one procedure, but for compresses, rubbing and massage with essential oils for 10 g of the base product, take about 5 drops;
  • aromatic baths with cedar essential oil will bring special pleasure not only in winter, creating a special festive atmosphere, but also in summer, when it fills the house with cool, fresh notes. It is best to use about 6-7 drops of oil for this procedure.