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Clementine Essential Oil

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Clementine Essential Oil

Clementine essential oil and its properties

Clementine is a hybrid fruit of the bitter Seville orange and mandarin. The fruit was bred at the beginning of the last century in 1902 in Algeria by a French breeder and clergyman in one person - Clement Rodier. Hence the fruit received its name. Clementine has an orange-red hard skin, which is tight to the pulp and belongs to the root family.

This type of citrus grows in the Mediterranean countries, such as: Morocco, Algeria, Spain, Italy. It is these countries that cultivate and distribute the fruit throughout the world.

Clementine essential oil has a pleasant honey-citrus aroma. It can create a cozy atmosphere in the house and calm. If you use it in aromatherapy, then you can get rid of nervous tension and depression.

Many experts advise arranging aromatherapy sessions with this oil. The thing is that it treats insomnia, anxiety and stress. If you add a couple drops of Clementine oil to the bathroom, you can improve your skin condition. This procedure is especially useful for those who have stretch marks, cellulite or puffiness.

Clementine essential oil is suitable for cleansing the epidermis. It is used to eliminate acne and blackheads, as it relieves inflammation and kills microbes. Just add a drop of oil to the tonic or lotion and very soon you will notice how your skin is transformed for the better.

Based on this oil, you can create creams, massage or therapeutic mixtures of oils. It is also suitable for soap lovers. Often this product is used in perfumery, as it is able to improve aromatic compositions.

Basic properties:

  • Positive effect on the nervous system: eliminates insomnia, stress, irritability, depression.
  • Helps to get rid of acne, inflammation and blackheads.
  • Eliminates dryness of the epidermis.
  • Helps eliminate cellulite and stretch marks.
  • Removes excess moisture from cells.
  • Enhances the aroma of perfume.
  • Treats seborrhea.

Psycho-emotional action

Clementine essential oil has a very powerful effect on emotions, which is why it is traditionally used as an antidepressant, to calm the nervous system, to relieve panic and shock, and also as a contributor to relaxation. On the physical level, it acts as a sedative, which is consistent with a relaxing effect on the psyche. Some authors recommend this oil for the treatment of heart palpitations and insomnia.

Clementine essential oil promotes friendliness and collaboration.

Clementine essential oil in cosmetics

suitable for daily skin care of any type, softening the surface of the epidermis, making the skin velvety and elastic is an effective herbal tool against dry skin, eliminates the feeling of tightness and peeling, moisturizes the skin, giving elasticity and smoothness has a calming effect on problem skin, reduces acne, acne, inflammation of the skin stimulates skin smoothing with cellulite and superficial stretch marks

  • Massage oils.
  • Cleansing products.
  • Therapeutic mixtures of oils.
  • Soap making / shower gels / bath salt.
  • Cream.
  • SPA products.
  • Fragrances / perfumes.
  • Aromatherapy products.