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Clove Bud Essential Oil

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Clove Bud Essential Oil

The clove is known to mankind as a fragrant spice that gives delicious taste to food and drinks. It is used in cosmetology and even in medicine. On the basis of this plant, an essential oil is prepared, which has healing properties.

How clove essential oil is obtained

The clove tree belongs to the Myrtle family and grows in tropical countries, and Madagascar is considered its homeland. The plant has a spicy aroma, for which it is appreciated in cooking and aromatherapy. It is noteworthy that its shoots, leaves, and buds are used to make healing oil. The smells of a pharmacy product from different parts of the plant are not the same. For cosmetology and any household purposes, oil from the buds of the clove tree is used. Its pH is optimal for human skin and does not cause irritation or burns on contact with it. The essential oil of clove is extracted from the buds of the plant by steam distillation.

Clove essential oil: properties and uses in medicine

Aromatic oil from exotic countries has found application in medicine. The high content of eugenol allows the product to exhibit antiseptic and analgesic properties. For arthritis, osteochondrosis, muscle pain and sprains, clove oil is used externally. If you have problems with the digestive system, in folk medicine, clove oil is recommended to be consumed inside. This ester is able to help with many problems with the work of the digestive tract, its effect is manifested in a complex manner, from eliminating unpleasant odor in the mouth to normalizing the acidity of the stomach. In this case, however, be sure to contact a specialist to prescribe the recommended dosage and do not neglect the possibilities of official medicine. Clove essential oil receives positive reviews from people who used it in the autumn-winter period for the prevention of influenza and colds. The pharmaceutical product is used for these purposes as a basis for inhalation. The recipe is as follows: drop 2 drops of aroma composition into hot water and breathe over the container with it, covered with a towel. Such procedures can be carried out not only for the purpose of prevention, but also in the treatment of an already manifested disease. Remember, however, that this is not the only therapeutic measure, and see your doctor at the first sign of painful symptoms. Clove essential oil relieves toothache. Soak a cotton ball in sunflower oil and drop a drop of clove ether on it. Apply the compress to the aching tooth for 30 minutes. In dentistry, anesthetics are also used, which are produced with the addition of this natural analgesic. Clove ether is also used with an irregular menstrual cycle or with heavy bleeding. This aromatic oil has found a place in the beauty industry, and is also used in home cosmetology.

Essential oil of clove in cosmetology

The pharmacy is used in skin and hair care. It is mixed with base oils to prepare caring masks. Clove ester is combined with olive, peach, almond and grape seed oil.

Clove essential oil for the face is used by owners of different skin types. For girls with oily skin, the aromatic composition will help restore the water-fat balance of the integument and will have a matting effect. For teenagers with problem skin, ether will help to normalize the sebaceous glands and relieve inflammation. For ladies with aging skin, the product will give a lifting effect. The essential oil enhances the regenerative capacity of epidermal cells. The skin looks refreshed, smoother and more toned. Carnation essential oil for hair is used for aroma combing and in masks. In both of these cases, the use of the product will help to activate hair growth and strengthen its structure. This healing product has a beneficial effect not only on the physical condition and not only gives beauty. It also restores spiritual balance.

Aromatherapy Applications

On the nervous system, clove ether has a calming effect. Moreover, the tool can be used both to relieve the stress accumulated during the day, and to correct depressive conditions. The aroma of cloves is sweet and spicy, it sets you in a positive mood and cheers you up. It reduces anxiety and helps fight stress. The aroma of this essential oil stimulates sex attraction, therefore the remedy belongs to the group of aphrodisiacs. If there are signs of overwork, if you need to maintain a high concentration of attention and mental stress, you can arrange aroma sessions with clove ether.

Clove oil baths

Using this aroma bath product gives the same results as using it in aromatherapy. Clove oil is an invigorating oil, but you can take baths with it before bedtime, because in addition, such procedures relieve fatigue and help fight stress. Their action will be prolonged if you take aroma baths regularly - 2 times a week.