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Coriander Essential Oil

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Coriander Essential Oil

Properties of Coriander Essential Oil

Coriander essential oil is a cosmetic component, extracted from the well-known spices, and used in skin and hair products. It is added to lotions for problem skin, gels and ointments to combat acne in tonics to remove cleansing and prevent inflammation, in eye cream to eliminate puffiness. A special place is occupied by this maslo in perfumery.

Coriander, which is also known as cilantro, has all the parts of the plant useful, in cosmetology, as in cooking or pharmaceuticals, oils, extracts, infusions, decoctions, extracts from both the seeds themselves and from its leaves and roots are used.

As a part of face creams, coriander oil is a whitening and anti-aging component, it is introduced into the composition of cosmetics for the elderly 50+ and the amazing effect of this component on aging dry skin is noted.

Coriander essential oil, in appropriate dosages, is used for appetite and normalization of digestion, as an excellent expectorant and choleretic. The antimicrobial effect of the oil is used in the treatment of inflammatory processes in the mouth.

The aroma of oil (especially from the seeds of a plant) is a powerful antidepressant that instills confidence and strengthens the nervous system. Due to the large number of phytoestrogens, coriander oil acts as an aphrodisiac.

Coriander oil is very fragrant and concentrated in its chemical composition, so you need to strictly observe the dosage when using it, so as not to cause allergic reactions. Cilantro oil is an antiseptic with a strong antimicrobial effect, which eliminates any pathogenic microflora from the skin. In addition, coriander has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, decongestant, whitening and tonic effects.

Coriander essential oil in cosmetology

  • Used in anti-aging cosmetics for aging and tired skin;
  • Tightens the structure of aging and aging skin, gives elasticity, copes well with fine wrinkles.
  • Perfectly cleanses the skin and pores, useful in teenage cosmetics and cosmetics for problem skin;
  • It removes inflammation from acne rashes and irritations, has a cleansing and healing effect on affected skin;
  • Due to its tonic properties, it is effective for eliminating puffiness and swelling;
  • Stimulates healing of damage, restoration of the skin;
  • Activates blood circulation in the hair follicles, regulates their secretion, deodorizes the hair and eliminates dandruff;
  • Rinses with coriander and hair masks perfectly nourish and strengthen hair;
  • Normalizes the function of skin secretion;
  • Has an antiseptic effect and is useful for problem skin;
  • Increases skin turgor and regulates water balance in the skin;
  • Aromatic baths with the addition of coriander oil saturate the body with the aroma of this aphrodisiac, invigorate, help improve mood and inspire;
  • Deodorizes cosmetics, gives them the ability to stop the growth of bacteria on the skin, removes toxins;
  • Adding coriander oil to natural soap is very handy if you want to create soap “for him”.

Dosage of coriander essential oil in cosmetics

  • inhalation with breathing difficulties - 2 drops,
  • aroma lamp - 2-3 drops,
  • aromatic bath - 5-6 drops,
  • ointment for relieving muscle pain - 1 drop / 5 g. butter or cream
  • cleansing cosmetics - 3-4 drops / 50 gr.,
  • cosmetic ice - 2-3 drops / 50 gr. water,
  • shampoo, rinse aid - 2-4 drops / 20 ml. Base,
  • soap - 2-3 drops / 100 gr. the basics
  • massage mixtures - 1 ml. / 100 ml. mixtures
  • rinse - 2 drops / 200 ml of water,
  • creams, masks - 2-3 drops / 20 grams.