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Rosemary Essential Oil

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Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary essential oil: restores freshness and beauty

Rosemary essential oil is used effectively in medicine and cosmetology. It stimulates immunity, serves as a powerful aphrodisiac, relieves pain, restores skin and hair. How does mankind receive such a wonderful tool, and how to use it properly?

Origin and receipt

Rosemary oil is obtained from blooming shoots, leaves and fresh branches of evergreen shrub called "medicinal rosemary". The Mediterranean shrub grows on the seafront, in splashes of foam, reaches 2 meters in height, has silvery leaves and blue flowers. Efironous parts are distilled with a water vapor, with 100 kg of green get about 2.5 kg of oil.

Rosemary plant in many religions is considered magic and sacred. For example, the ancient Greeks and Romans dedicated rosaries to the goddess of love Aphrodite. In the Middle Ages rosemary was burned at the hearth to be protected from plague and infectious diseases. In the 17th century in Europe, the rosemary "Water of the Queen of Hungary" was used, which was used in the treatment of nerves, rheumatism, memory, and as a tonic. Hippocrates considered rosemary oil one of the most healing spices.

The color of the essential oil of rosemary is colorless or pale yellow. The aroma is steady, fresh-balsamic, herb-peppery.

Advantages and features

Aromatic rosemary oil is used in folk medicine and in classical medicine. It consists of resinous α-pinene, camphene and cineol. Also oil is rich in camphor, borneol, limonene, bornil acetate, tannins and bitterness.

Why this tool is so popular:

  1. Improves memory, increases concentration facilitates the process of assimilating new information, stimulates brain activity.
  2. Quickly relieves headaches and spasms, helps with arthritis, rheumatism, osteochondrosis, migraines. Relaxes tense muscles. Does not cause drowsiness.
  3. Assists in depression, apathy, nervous and mental exhaustion, relieves some other psychological problems, and struggles with insomnia.
  4. It prevents bacterial breeding, relieves inflammation, improves the immune system of the body, increases the ability of tissues to regenerate. Heals wounds, cuts, abscesses, burns. Helps with varicose veins and hemorrhoids.
  5. Improves cardiovascular activity due to increased blood circulation. Increases blood pressure.
  6. It removes inflammation of the genitourinary system, normalizes the menstrual cycle, enhances lactation. Works like an aphrodisiac.
  7. Loses acne, boils, skin inflammations, scars, scars. Levels the relief of the skin, struggling with cellulite, obesity. Fights with a magnifying glass, stimulates hair growth.

Important: Rosemary is contraindicated for epilepsies, hypertonia, as well as for its individual intolerance.

Application and release form

Rosemary essential oil is used alone and in domestic and industrial cosmetics. How can I use rosemary oil?

  1. To enrich creams, shampoos, and soaps, add 5 drops of ether to 5 g of the medium.
  2. For aromalamps and inhalations, there are enough 3-4 drops of oil, for personal aromatic pendants - 3 drops.
  3. To heal, put a 3-drops of oil in half an hour.
  4. For massage, you can mix rosemary ether with other oils. It is recommended to mix it with oils of eucalyptus, laurel, camphor, pine, fir, ylang-ylang, lavender, immortal, petrogreen, geraniums, mint.
  5. The bath can be taken by adding 5-6 drops of rosemary oil to the water. Be careful - dizziness may occur.

Rosemary oil helps in skin care. For dry skin, you can mix a teaspoon of grape seed, peach, avocado, pumpkin or flax with 3 drops of rosemary oil. Apply on cleansed skin for 30 minutes, rinse with warm water. Oily skin or skin with acne and rashes will help rosemary oil (3 drops) in a mixture with a teaspoon of grape seed oil or thistle. 5 drops of rosemary per 100 ml of water - a wonderful tonic. A mixture of rosemary oil with rosehip will help with resorption of scars.

Important: do not use Rosemary Oil before you go out into the sun!

Also with this oil (3-4 drops) you can make masks: with juice 1 bulb, with 1 yolk and a compatible oil. To rinse, mix 10 drops of rosemary from 1 liter of broth of nettle or chamomile. For massage of a scalp in a table spoon of warmed rapeseed oil add 3-4 drops of rosemary oil. Wash your head with a towel, wash it in half an hour.

Important: when applied to the skin, there may be a strong reaction to burning, it is normal - in 2-3 minutes it will end.

Rosemary oil is produced in the form of a liquid and is packed in glass containers. The shelf life may be 3-4 years if stored in a cool dark place.