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Castor Wax Flakes

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Castor Wax Flakes

Castor wax flakes: a versatile remedy for cosmetics and hobbies

Castor wax in flakes - conveniently packaged raw materials for home cosmetics, craft soap and decorative candles. This material is absolutely ecological and vegetable, it does not contain animal fats. Wax can even be used for cranks.

Origin and receipt

Castor wax is a hydrogenated castor oil derived from the castor seeds of the common evergreen plant, the homeland of which is northeastern Africa. Now castor grows all over the globe, but is cultivated for industrial purposes in southern Europe, North America and Australia.

Castor oil is extracted from the castor beans by cold-pressing, then hydrogen is added in the presence of a nickel catalyst. The influence of hydrogen causes the conversion of liquid oil to a viscous oil with a wax-like consistency. The oil becomes a solid, brittle insoluble material with a melting point of + 88 ° C, which is lower than the boiling point. Heating the wax causes it to melt, but when cooled it hardens again.

Castor wax looks white, with a light cream tinge, waxy flakes, almost odorless, insoluble in water, and limited in solubility in most organic solvents. Castor oil is vegan, it is non-toxic, completely safe for human health.

Advantages and features

Castor wax is considered unique because it consists almost exclusively of the fatty acids of the monounsaturated, saturated and polyunsaturated class, as well as 15-20% of proteins. This unique wax is the basis of ricinoleic acid (90%), which is infrequently found in other base oils. In addition, castor flakes contain fatty acids:

  • linoleum (4.2%);
  • oleic (3.0%);
  • stearic (1%);
  • linolenic (0.3%);
  • palmitic (1%);
  • di-hydroxystearin (0.7%).

Castor acid has anti-inflammatory properties - it is used to reduce inflammation, swelling of joints and connective tissues. Vitamin E, which is also part of the remedy, is responsible for skin and hair rejuvenation, counteracts free radicals.

Most fatty acids our body is not able to produce on its own, so you need to get these substances from other sources. Skin and hair care, which helps castor wax in flakes, is one such source. In addition, the unique qualities of vegetable wax make it possible to use it successfully in industry. In particular, you will find this substance in polishing coatings for cars, equipment, appliances and architectural applications; in leather, wood and rubber lacquers, lithium and calcium oils, cosmetics, coal paper - wherever moisture, oil and petrochemical products are required.

Application and release form

Castor wax is packed in plastic bags of various sizes. You can choose for your hobby or body care, as well as production, the right packaging.

In cosmetology it is recommended to use this ecological substance as:

  • a component of hair products for eye makeup;
  • facial and body waxes;
  • filler in deodorant stacks;
  • basics of balms and lipsticks;
  • thickener for lotions and creams.

The high melting point makes wax an excellent stabilizer for lipsticks or balms. Flakes can be combined with other vegetable and animal waxes - then the lipstick drain will not break, long will retain the desired shape. All you have to do is add this substance (0.5 to 10% of the total) to the heated oil to melt it.

Vegetable wax is more useful and safe than animal wax - it is non-allergenic, odorless, and no less pleasant and effective in its texture and properties. Flakes are approved by the Food and Drug Association - castor oil wax is safe for the skin even in its purest form. Castor wax flakes can be found in a wide range of cosmetic products from the factory.

Castor wax is great for making kraft soap to increase the hardness of the bar. Add up to 8% of raw material to regular soap and up to 15% to shampoo. The resulting remedy will perfectly soften and care for the skin.

Castor wax has also been used successfully in the production of decorative vegan candles. Use it with or with paraffin. You can make candles filled with flavored tea, cinnamon sticks, coffee beans and more.

It is necessary to store flakes in a cool dark place, away from sunlight. With proper storage methods, the shelf life of the wax is 2 to 3 years.