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Floral Waxes

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Mimosa / acacia organic floral wax natural 100% pure 2 oz
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Floral Waxes

Flower wax in cosmetics: skin benefits

Wax is a natural compound that bees give us, and there are many floral waxes in addition to the classic bee. It is customary to use them in organic cosmetics and phytolines for skin and hair care.

Flower waxes in cosmetics for skin: what for what

Beeswax can buy every beeswax, but in cosmetics it is much more valuable than flower wax: its consistency is lighter, the wax smells like the aroma of flowers and gives cosmetics a nice texture. In winter and summer, gentle wax cares for the skin, hair, nails, and the expense of this cosmetic component is extremely low. Which wax to choose for emulsions and creams?

  • Care for normal skin is pleasant to diversify with wax of orange, cassia, roses, lavender.
  • Care for dry, dehydrated skin provides mimosa wax, tuberose, lavender.
  • Care for problem skin and matting will take on the wax of lavender, sage, jasmine.
  • Care for fading skin and optimization of water-fat balance guarantees lemon wax, oils, violets, lavender.
  • Care for atopic skin is impossible without lotus wax, jasmine, sage, lemon.

Wax: application in cosmetics

Skin care is not the only plus of cosmetic wax collected from different flowers and plants. As an antistatic agent, flower wax looks great for hair. Beard and hair are well-groomed, easy to fit and pleasing to the eye throughout the day.

Traditional use of wax in cosmetics is reduced to the introduction in the emulsion (as part of the oil phase) or in oil balms, tiles, lipsticks (melt, stir, cool at room temperature).

Flower wax recipes allow you to create a whole cosmetic line: the famous kold-cream, moisture-retaining fluid, light milk, softening manicure butter. Of course, that's not all, the floral waxes' fantasy of flower wax goes much further. Here are some cosmetic areas where flower wax is most used.

Wax for hair removal

Removing unwanted hair with wax is a procedure as old as the world. And if previously only beeswax was used, then the innovative formulas are increasingly featured in floral. It is a supplement to the main one, but the additive is effective. Usually used lavender wax because of its antiseptic and soothing properties. But lemon, orange and lotus whiskeys also appear in the epilation formula: using them prevents the appearance of ingrown hairs.

Hair wax

In hair care, wax is required not only for styling, this useful substance is often present in professional shampoos, conditioners and balms - ie emulsions where you do not expect to see wax. However, this is so: the proportion of wax in hair care makes it shiny and docile, while being easily washed off without burdening the hairstyle.

Wax smooths the surface of the hair all over (shine), removes static (easy styling) and patches problem areas (retaining pigment after coloring). In other words, it's the perfect replacement for silicones if you don't want to deal with them.

Wax for hair tips is important in the care of long strands, because the cuticle suffers from a lack of nutrition at the end. The farther from the root, the older and brittle the hair becomes. After washing emulsion on flower wax helps to avoid dryness at the ends and makes the hairstyle perfect.

Beard wax is once a popular topic that has already declined. And although the number of men with whiskers has become smaller, the laying wax on the farm will never stop. The tool is unisex! Waxing can easily curb the naughty curl or "glue" the cut ends after discoloration.

Nail wax

Polishing the nail plate, extra power, protection against aggression of household detergents - here is an incomplete list of what makes wax for nails and skin of hands. Lotus wax, mimosas and oils are indispensable in the following formulas: skin and nails have a well-groomed appearance. The main benefit of wax care is the reduction of skin moisture loss - sometimes no longer needed. Indestructible healthy water-fat mantle in itself guarantees the aesthetic appearance of the skin.

Lipstick wax

Carnauba wax is often included in lipstick formulas because it gives the finished product a glossy look. To soften dry skin of lips use wax of oils, roses, jasmine - their healing ability is used even in pharmacy ointments.