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Against dry: avocado oil

  • 25 September 2019 10:09:31
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Avocado oil is not one that is used right and left because it is not basic, such as almond or shea butter. Avocado oil is rarely used alone, solo, but in the compositions of various oil mixtures, as well as ready-made natural cosmetics, it is very simple to meet it. And all because practically no liquid vegetable oil can boast the same magical effect on dry skin and dry, brittle hair, like avocado oil.

It is very pleasant to deal with avocado oil: it is greenish-yellow, slightly viscous, without a pronounced smell, is well absorbed. Unlike some other oils, it is completely unlike water: because of the dense texture, it needs very little, and it is washed off quite difficult. Because of this, it is not recommended to use it in its pure form, as a base, alone: much more often it is mixed with other oils, and also added to natural creams, supplemented with essential oils, etc. However, in some cases, pure avocado oil works great: for example, it is good for them to lubricate very dry, cracked places - elbows, heels, flaky skin areas. But for cosmetic applications, for face and hair, avocado oil is usually diluted and added, combined with lighter components.

Benefits of Avocado Oil

  • Its ability to perfectly soften, nourish, retain moisture, heal, increase elasticity, restore a healthy color and shine - due to its rich composition, including beneficial fatty acids, and phytosterols, and folic acid, and vitamins E, D, group B.
  • The fruits of avocados themselves are very useful for nutrition, and, by the way, they are recommended to be used intensively if the skin is prone to dryness, peeling, lethargy.
  • The oil contains the same beneficial substances in even greater concentration - hence the healing effect on the skin and hair.

Application of Avocado Oil

Since avocado oil is usually used in mixtures, first of all you need to understand for what purpose you are buying the oil, and what other components you will need for certain procedures. Most often, avocado oil is used in three cases.

Caring for the skin around the eyes

If the skin around your eyes is thin, dry and “parchment”, with many small wrinkles, avocado oil is what you need. Mix equal amounts of jojoba oil and avocado (green coffee and avocado, cranberries and avocado) - and apply it on the cleansed skin around the eyes. Important: oils should be applied exclusively to skin moistened with tonic, hydrolyte or water! You will need one tiny droplet, do not overdo it. Gently spread the mixture on the skin with patting movements. This mixture should be used no more than 2-3 times a week; alternate it with regular eye cream.

Dry skin nutrition

Avocado oil is suitable for owners of other skin types, but it is dry, dehydrated skin that this oil can bring maximum benefits. Mix avocado oil with lighter base oils - those that can be used solo, undiluted. Suitable oils are almond, apricot and peach seed, grape, sasanqua, hazelnut, rice bran. If the skin is very dry, then as a base you can use jojoba oil or argan. It is desirable that the concentration of avocado oil in the mixture be below 50%, optimally - up to 10 to 25%, although it all depends on many factors, including skin type. If the skin is normal or combination, then add one drop of avocado oil to the mixture, if it is dry and flaky, you can make mixtures with another oil in a ratio of 1: 1.

As in the case with other oils, you can apply the oil mixture to the face instead of a night cream (on cleansed, moisturized skin) 1-3 times a week. If you have oily or combination skin, prone to acne and other problems, carefully monitor its reaction to the oil: it may be too heavy, dense for it.

Another application is as a mask. Prepare the oil mixture, apply it on cleansed face, hold for 15-40 minutes, and either remove the residue with a napkin or rinse it off with warm water with your usual wash, milk. You can also simply add a drop of avocado oil to an existing mask to give it nutritional benefits. The mask should be natural. As such a base, you can even use ubtan, which you use to wash: dilute it with water to a pulp state, drip avocado oil into it, apply on face and hold for 15-30 minutes, rinse with water.

Hair restoration

Who needs avocado oil?

  1. First of all, owners of very dry, damaged, brittle hair. Aggressive staining, heat styling, weakening after hair extensions - in such cases, when the hair looks dry “like straw”, weak, lifeless, dull, avocado oil is almost indispensable. It should be used like any oil mask - and be sure to wash it.
  2. First, make an oil mixture of avocado oil with, for example, burdock oil (jojoba, argan, even coconut). You can also add essential oils, if necessary (a drop of lavender, if the scalp itches and seems too dry, drop a drop of oil if you need to stimulate hair growth). Secondly, the resulting mixture (2 tablespoons of the mixture is enough for hair length to the shoulders) apply to dry or slightly damp hair 30-90 minutes before washing your hair. Then wash off the mask with shampoo and continue to care for them as usual.

A mask based on avocado oil with regular use (1 time per week) condenses hair, restores shine, elasticity, healthy appearance.

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