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Rhassoul moroccan clay organic face mask detox acne skin treatment 1 oz
Kaolin clay organic face mask exfoliating detox skin treatment 1 oz
French red clay organic face mask exfoliating detox skin treatment 1 oz
Rhassoul moroccan clay organic face mask detox acne skin treatment 8 oz
Australian red reef clay organic face mask exfoliating detox treatment 1 oz
Kaolin clay organic face mask exfoliating detox skin treatment 8 oz
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Clay for face, body and hair. Cosmetic properties of clay

Argyllotherapy or clay therapy in cosmetology is the use of useful, including therapeutic, clay properties, both in pure form and as part of cosmetics to maintain the health and beauty of skin and hair.

Clay is usually used in the form of masks for the face, body and hair, which are named after the main component - clay. The uniqueness of this plastic natural mineral lies in its unusual structure and composition, which determine the properties that are so important for cosmetic skin care.

Skin cleansing and detoxification

It is carried out due to the absorption of toxins and pollution by the layered structures of clay, and various physicochemical mechanisms are involved, including capillary, ionic, etc. Migration of substances from the skin into clay and vice versa occurs according to the concentration gradient. There are no toxins in pure clay of good quality, therefore, they migrate into it from the contaminated surface of the skin on which the clay mask is applied. Active cleansing of the skin surface leads to the effect of lightening the skin. In addition, a brightening effect is created due to the exfoliating effect of clay.

Exfoliation, exfoliation, peeling.

Clay in the composition of natural scrubs and face masks is a soft, gentle abrasive with nanoscale particles, which are responsible for smoothing the microsurface of the skin. The smoothness of the skin is disturbed due to microrelief defects formed by old horny scales, the natural exfoliation of which is delayed for one reason or another. Without damaging the structure of the surface of the skin, clay effectively polishes it, literally erasing from it all the bumps from the accumulated "blockages" of old horny scales. As a result, the surface of the skin becomes perfectly smooth, the dullness of its color disappears, the skin takes on a fresh look and a gentle radiance that comes from inside!

Antiseptics and disinfection of the skin surface.

Clay not only fixes bacteria and viruses on its surface, which, when washing off a cosmetic product, removes them from the skin, but also has bactericidal properties. The mechanism of killing bacterial cells is associated with the presence of silver, fluorine and iron ions in its composition, which under certain conditions are involved in the local formation of bactericidal hydroxyl radicals. Therefore, it is so important to use clay in regular skin care of any type for its healing and creation of a microenvironment clean from pathogenic microorganisms on its surface. After all, the air of cities, where there is a large concentration of people, contains their increased concentration. The regular use of clay in caring for problem skin prone to inflammation is especially important.

It becomes perfectly even, the dullness of its color disappears, the skin takes on a fresh look and a delicate radiance that comes from inside!

Mineralization of the skin.

Minerals are actively involved in the metabolic processes of our body at the cellular level, and their deficiency inevitably leads to a variety of diseases. Clay is able to fill this deficiency and serves the skin as a resource of those micro and macro elements that it lacks. Clay may contain several tens of biologically important mineral elements. The richest in minerals and, therefore, the most active with t.z. skin clay is green clay, and the poorest is white clay. But white clay has unsurpassed emollient and soothing qualities. Therefore, when mixing white and green clay to prepare a classic mineral face mask, universal qualities are achieved that are suitable for skin care of any type!

Removing redness, irritation and swelling

Clay masks soothe and soften the skin. They are recommended to be applied during sunburn and thermal burns. In addition, clay masks enhancing the outflow of fluid from tissues, reduce swelling, which is actively used in anti-cellulite programs.

Moisturize the surface of the skin.

This property of clay is manifested when using clay masks only if you do not allow them to dry on the skin. Clay saturated with moisture does not pass it through itself, thereby imposing a ban on skin moisture loss - this leads to its intensive moisturizing during the procedure. By the way, the manifestation of all other properties of clay is possible only in its wet state. Dry clay on the surface of the skin can only lead to dehydration.

Preserving property of clay.

Clay, thanks to its bactericidal ability, enhances the action of the main preservatives used in organic and natural cosmetics. Mankind has known for a long time that clay has preservative properties. Clay, for example, was added to water during long sea voyages to preserve its drinking qualities. A spoon of kaolin (white clay) was previously put in milk instead of antibiotics, so that it would not quickly turn sour in hot weather.

Strengthening the effectiveness of cosmetic formulas.

 The adhesive property of clay or, otherwise, its unique ability to adhere extremely tightly to the surface on which it is applied as part of a cosmetic product, leads to maximum contact of its ingredients with the skin. This increases their ability to show their activity on the surface of the skin, and also enhances their penetrating ability. Thus, clay serves as a “conductor” of active ingredients in the skin and a catalyst for their biological activity, which increases the effectiveness of the cosmetic product, in which it is included.

Stabilization of cosmetic formulas.

Clay in cosmetics is used to stabilize emulsions. Forming a colloidal solution in water, it helps to increase the viscosity of the medium, has a suspending and gelling effect. Clay maintains the balance of the spatial structure of creams, the homogeneity of their texture and thereby allows longer to maintain the initial characteristics, prolonging the active life of cosmetic formulas.

It is not surprising that you can find clay not only in classic face masks, which, as we have already noted, are called clay ones, but also in those cosmetics where you did not expect to see it at all: in hand creams, shower gels , toothpastes, soap, and even in decorative cosmetics, for example, in mascara!