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Argan Oil Refined

Argan Oil Refined

What is this oil?

If you're looking for the perfect oil for skin and hair care, you've already found it.

Among cosmetologists, Argan oil is considered the # 1 oil, as it, due to its chemical composition and unique properties: moisturizes and nourishes, promotes the synthesis of elastin and collagen, helps to restore and maintain the hydrolipid balance of the skin, protects against free radicals, dehydration and aging.

As an ambulance for your hair, argan oil:

  • prevents splitting of hair ends
  • strengthens the hair root, significantly reduces intense hair loss
  • will give your hair a bright shine and splendor
  • eliminate dry scalp


Since ancient times, Berberkers have used iron tree (argan) oil as a means to preserve the youth of their skin, as a medicine. It grows in Morocco. In order to protect the argan tree from the most severe felling, the territory of Morocco since 1999 has been declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO.

Argan oil is obtained by cold mechanical pressing. But, there is a difference in preprocessing:

  • if the oil is used for food purposes, then the grains are fried before squeezing the oil;
  • if the oil is used for cosmetic purposes, then the nuts are not roasted.

Argan oil has practically no aroma, or has an easily perceptible characteristic nutty aroma with hints of iron (after all, argan tree is also called iron tree).

A tree growing in the harsh conditions of the desert gives nuts to the world 2 times a year, the shell strength of which is 16 times higher than that of hazelnut, and the value of nut oil is comparable to black caviar and truffles.

Argan oil is one of the most expensive and rare in the world.

We will separately describe the argan oil scent issue. The argan oil presented in our store is unrefined. And, as you know, all unrefined oils have a characteristic (specific) aroma - each oil has an owl. If you have previously come across argan oil without any aroma, then it was refined oil. Argan oil is obtained from the fruit of the iron tree. Our colleagues, for example, describe the smell of argan oil as follows: "the smell is light, with pronounced tones of nuts and spices." Our personal opinion is that this oil has a specific aroma of iron (if I may say so) with an admixture of slight acidity (after all, argan is just an iron tree). The scent is really specific. Many cosmetic companies sell argan oil mixed with a variety of fragrances and fragrances (which gives the oil a tempting scent). We present only high-quality natural oils in their pure form (without fragrances, impurities and aromas).

How is it useful?

Traditionally used as:

  • For facial skin care. Possesses anti-aging, protective and regenerating properties, as the oil promotes the synthesis of new collagen bonds (due to the high content of vitamins E, A)
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Has a softening, regenerating and moisturizing effect for the skin
  • Restores skin balance disturbed by frequent use of shampoos, soaps and various gels
  • Promotes smoothing of wrinkles
  • As a skin care product around the eyes
  • For bust and décolleté skin care
  • As a UV protection agent in the treatment of sunburn
  • As a remedy for the treatment of various skin diseases
  • For strengthening brittle nails as an antifungal agent
  • Promote wound healing
  • For the treatment of skin diseases
  • Good for full body massage. It is recommended for massage for arthritis, osteochondrosis, arthrosis, gout, treatment of fungal diseases.
  • Very effective for hand massage. About five drops of argan oil are added to a regular cream that is used every day and the hands are massaged.
  • As a treatment for dry scalp
  • Against fragility and sectioning of hair, to give it shine and volume


Argan oil is widely used in cosmetology. It is used for the care of the body, face and hands, nails and hair.

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