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Pomegranate Oil Refined

Pomegranate Oil Refined

Garnet refined oil: youth of the skin, shine of hair

We know a lot about the benefits of pomegranate juice. However, the "King of Fruits", as called the pomegranate in the East, is also useful for cosmetic purposes. Fruit oil gives freshness to the skin and healthy shiny hair. Who and how useful is to use garnet seed oil?

How is a grenade oil extracted?

Pomegranate fruit as a healing gift is mentioned in the Bible. Pomegranate juice and oil from its stones have long been used in the East as an inexhaustible source of health and youth. Now this amazing fruit is available to almost every person.

Pomegranate trees grow in the Caucasus, Crimea, the Middle East, Spain and Italy. Having captured the hot rays of the southern sun, the grenade matures and becomes a natural storehouse of useful substances.

Grain oil is obtained by cold pressing method. Of the 500 kilograms of stones, only 1 kilogram of butter-free oil is obtained. Therefore, natural garnet refined oil is so expensive. It is easy to distinguish "correct" oil - it is thick and heavy, creates a film on the skin, but without a feeling of greasiness and sticky.

What is a grenade oil useful?

A golden liquid with a pleasant aroma is rich in fatty acids (including unique pomegranate), vitamins A, K, E, B6 and C, zinc, silicon, phytoestrogens, iodine, potassium, folate, phosphorus, calcium. The amount of antioxidants ("fighters with age") in garnet oil is three times greater than in green tea.

In addition, garnet refined oil:

  • restores normal pH;
  • nourishes, moisturizes and softens the skin;
  • smoothes age and facial wrinkles;
  • heals wounds, inflammation and cracks, accelerates regeneration;
  • restores the elasticity and velvety of the skin, gives it a healthy color;
  • care for hair, effectively removing fragility, numbness, itching and magnifying glass.

Garnet oil is suitable for all types of skin, face and body, hair and nails. It fights with age-old pigmentation, restores the elasticity of the neck area, is used in creams from the sun and after sunburn.

In medicine, pomegranate oil is used to alleviate menopause, treat women's diseases, burns and mornings, psoriasis, eczema, arthritis, bacterial infections and diabetes, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract; Lowers weight, cholesterol and blood pressure, strengthens memory.

How to use garnet oil for the skin

Refined garnet stones oil is one of the most effective anti-aging facials. It is actively used to preserve the freshness of the face and body.

The Benefits of Pomegranate Oils for the Skin:

  • illuminates;
  • restores pH;
  • restores elasticity;
  • moisturizes and softens;
  • protects against UV rays;
  • provides eye care;
  • rejuvenates, "starts" regeneration;
  • eliminates irritation, inflammation and peeling;
  • helps with burns, scars, eczema and psoriasis;
  • works as an antioxidant, preventing aging.

Pomegranate oil effectively maintains the desired level of hydration and a sense of comfort, as well as takes part in the synthesis of collagen, which is responsible for youth and elasticity of the skin. Fatty acids improve blood circulation. Natural garnet refined oil eliminates inflammation, helps cells to resist melanoma, restores skin after the summer sunshine, is used during massage.

How to use grenade oil for hair

The grenade refined oil is very dense to use it on the hair in its pure form. However, it has become widely used in ready-made and home cosmetics, mainly masks for hair.

Garnet Oil Hair:

  • moisturizing;
  • give gloss and silkiness;
  • make hair smooth and obedient;
  • improve blood circulation and nourish hair follicles;
  • eliminate inflammation of the scalp, lupus, and heal the wounds;
  • provides deep moisture and silky feel.

Zinc and selenium in the garnet oil support the natural activity of the skin cells, and fatty acids protect the hair bulbs from the sun and the negative effects of the environment. Regular use of makeup with pomegranate oil will make your hair bright, alive, obedient, reduce its loss.

How to use garnet oil correctly

Garnet seed oil is universal and practically has no contraindications. You can use it:

  • in pure form - as a nourishing mask before bed;
  • as an additive to the finished cosmetics - from 1 to 5 drops per serving;
  • mixed with other oils or as a component of home cosmetics - up to 15% of the total amount of base oils.

Cosmetologists especially recommend mixing pomegranate oil with coconut oil and carrot seeds - this mixture is applied before and after sunburn. To nourishing masks with pomegranate oil add egg yolks, homemade yoghurt, linseed oil and rapeseed, aloe juice and cucumber. It is not recommended to mix it with alcohol-based solutions.

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