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Soy Bean Oil

Soy Bean Oil

Soybean oil - to protect and rejuvenate

Soybeans contain natural antioxidants, which are quickly absorbed into the skin, smooth wrinkles and have other beneficial effects. Learn how to get soybean oil, how to use it properly, and where to add it.

History and extraction of soybean oil

For the first time, soybean oil is mentioned in Chinese sources of the 11th century, and until the 19th century it was distributed in the Asian region, after which it began to "expand" into the USA and South America. Oil of soybeans is eaten, used in the chemical industry, added to cosmetics. Oilcake also goes into business - like cattle feed, a source of soy flour, etc.

Soybean oil is produced by two methods - mechanical (traditional) and chemical. In the first case, the oil is squeezed using a press, and in the second - extracted with solvents. The mechanical method is natural and completely harmless, but the oil yield when using it is small. The chemical method allows you to get more oil, but it retains fewer nutrients. Sometimes both processing methods are combined - first, the most useful oil is squeezed out of the beans (3/4 of the total volume), and after chemical processing of the cake, the product turns out to be of lower quality.

Industrial production of soybean oil consists of:

  • soy cleaning;
  • grinding and conditioning;
  • extraction;
  • refining.

At the preparation stage, soybeans are cleaned and dried. Peeled beans are heated to about 71-75 ° C and sprayed with water to cause coagulation of proteins and increase the plasticity of the crushed. The processed raw material passes through extruders with steam treatment at 105-120˚С.

For extraction, the raw materials are crushed, fed into a percolator and treated with a solvent (hexane is usually used). Processing can take place in two ways:

  • shredded is placed in a solvent;
  • the solvent is filtered through a layer of shredded material.

Then the solvent is removed from the resulting mixture by evaporation - it is restored and returned to the production cycle. After removal of hexane, the raw soybean oil is further purified.

In the crude oil there are a lot of soluble and insoluble components that need to be removed. Insoluble particles are filtered, and soluble particles are removed in several ways:

  • hydration - to remove phosphatides;
  • bleaching - to remove traces of metals, oxidation products, soaps;
  • steam or alkaline refining - to remove free fatty acids.

The final stage of refining is deodorization, during which heated water vapor is injected into the oil.

Features and benefits

Soybean oil is one of the most popular vegetable oils. It is safe for health if it is labeled as organic and has not undergone hydrogenation (transformation into solid fats) - such oil is eaten.

As a cosmetic component, soybean oil is a powerful natural antioxidant that soothes the skin and helps its regeneration. A number of studies show that this product helps even out skin tone and also reduces the visible signs of aging. Its main useful components are:

  • lecithin;
  • genistein;
  • vitamin E;
  • linoleic acid;
  • oleic acid.

Also from fatty acids in soybean oil contains linolenic, palmitic and stearic acids. This combination of components allows the oil to easily penetrate the skin, mix with a variety of cosmetic products and create strong antioxidant protection.

The most valuable component of soybean oil is lecithin, which in the product can contain up to 3%. Lecithin is a necessary component of cell membranes, renewing them and increasing strength. Its use in cosmetic products is a simple way to nourish the skin cells, which usually do not reach the required amount of nutrients.

Use and release form

Soybean oil rejuvenates, softens, nourishes and smoothes. It gives an airy texture to creams and is easily incorporated into the composition of any cosmetics. It is used in skin care in its pure form (including for massage) and added:

  • masks;
  • creams;
  • balms;
  • serum;
  • air conditioning;
  • sunscreen.

Soybean oil has a lamination effect, so it is often used in pure form or hair masks.

The best effect soybean oil has on:

  • damaged, dehydrated, very dry skin;
  • thin, splitting, dry hair.

Do not use soybean oil on oily and normal hair - there will be a feeling of heaviness, and the gloss will be too oily.

Soybean oil is a long-known cosmetic and food component that has proven its effectiveness. Use it in cosmetics and pure form, and enjoy a quick restorative and protective effect!

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