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Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

The healing properties of Ylang Ylang essential oil, as well as its complex heady aroma, are completely inherited from the unique plant. The qualities of this oil have been highly valued since the Victorian times, when the legendary balm for hair growth was obtained on its basis. But despite its rich history, today ylang-ylang is valued more for its perfumery and emotional properties than for its healing effect.

Production method and varieties

From amazingly delicate exotic flowers, oil is obtained in two ways - water distillation followed by evaporation or directly by steam distillation.

Depending on the duration of the process, four grades of the finished product are distinguished:

  • the first fraction is obtained in an hour, its yield is 0.3% - this is the Extra grade;
  • three hours later, the first grade (grade I) is obtained;
  • second and third grade - after five to eight hours of distillation.

The third grade is suitable only for cheap products and household chemicals, while the "extra" concentrated grade is considered the most valuable for perfumery and cosmetology.


Outwardly, this ester, like most oils of the flower type, is light and fluid, it is characterized by an almost imperceptible yellowness.

The scent of ylang-ylang is considered one of the brightest floral scents. It is invariably associated with the beauty and exotic atmosphere of the tropical islands and even in household chemicals it brightly manifests its mood, awakening optimism, openness and giving positive emotions.

The aroma of the oil is rich, sweet, very warm, caressing, combining candy and floral bases in a festive and very intense bouquet with a spicy aftertaste.

Compatibility with other oils

Like anise oil, essential oil from ylang-ylang flowers can cause rejection and even dizziness with nausea due to its intensity, so it is recommended to use it in a mixture with bergamot or lemon, which can neutralize its excessive sweetness.

In addition to the above, complementary are mint, clove, orange, lemongrass, rosewood, rosewood, neroli, petitgrain, spruce, cypress, levzee, pine, cedar, verbena, cinnamon, grapefruit, limetus and peroxide, black tangerine oils.

Healing properties

Has the ability to have a calming effect on the heart rate and respiration. Thanks to her, ylang-ylang oil helps to cope with fear, anxiety, anger and turmoil, it is great for extreme situations and conditions.

In addition, it helps to normalize blood pressure, eliminate spasms, and exhibits excellent anticonvulsant and antispasmodic properties not only for headaches, but also for any other disorders.

It is an oil for mature women that can relieve the symptoms of menopause.

Use in cosmetology and in everyday life

In cosmetology, ylang-ylang is most often used to improve the characteristics of any type of skin care product: it has a normalizing and stabilizing effect on both oily and dry epidermis. In addition to affecting sebum levels, this oil effectively evens out, smoothes, moisturizes, rejuvenates and brightens the skin.

It is considered the ideal essential oil for aging, as well as overly sensitive or porous skin.

The delightful scent of ylang-ylang, perfectly combined with natural bodily odors, makes it an excellent product for both intimate cosmetics and for deodorizing and aromatizing the skin.

Promotes skin recovery after hypothermia and sunbathing, fixes and preserves tan for a long time.

This oil is no less effective as a strengthening and structure-restoring agent for hair and nails.

In household use, it manifests itself very well as a remedy for insect bites.

Application methods

Dosages for Ylang Ylang Oil:

  • To scent rooms, you must not use more than 4 drops in an aroma lamp (for every 15 square meters).
  • Aroma baths are best taken when the oil is dissolved in sea salt, yogurt or kefir - from 4 to 7 drops per procedure no more than 15 minutes in duration (if you want to increase the time of taking a fragrant bath, proportionally reduce the number of oil drops).
  • To strengthen nails, relieve inflammation after sunburn, erotic massage, dissolve 5 drops of ylang-ylang in 10 ml of any vegetable oil.
  • To polish the nails, dissolve it in equal proportions of jojoba oil.
  • For additives in cosmetics, including cream, 3 drops per 10 ml of base are enough.
  • If you want to use ylang-ylang oil as a stimulant aphrodisiac, to relieve stress or fears - dissolve 5 drops of oil in 10 grams of alcohol or vodka and use no more than a teaspoon for a daily warm bath.
  • The same mixture is suitable for preparing eau de toilette for oily or combination skin types.
  • For warm compresses, it is enough to soak the dressing with 4-5 drops of oil dissolved in water using an emulsifier.
  • Inside ylang-ylang, take a maximum of 2 drops with a liquid emulsifier and wash it down with an acidic liquid - juice, kefir, tea with lemon (as a soothing, equalizing pulse and pressure agent, in case of metabolic disorders, insomnia).
  • It can be used to flavor drinks: for both wine and dry tea blends, it is enough to add 3-4 drops per standard package / bottle.

Contraindications and precautions

Ylang-ylang oil requires extremely careful handling and extremely responsible, careful adherence to the instructions for use. Active, with an intense and unusual odor, at the slightest overdose, it causes not only allergic reactions, but also nausea, dizziness, and headaches.

It is never used continuously for more than 2, maximum 3 weeks. At the beginning of use, you need to use the minimum dose of oil, increasing to the recommended dose only for the third or fourth procedure.

Tests for skin sensitivity and oil reaction are performed even if ylang-ylang has been used before: different varieties have different tactile properties.

It is categorically impossible to use this oil in the first three months of pregnancy and with a tendency to low blood pressure.

Tingling sensation when applied to skin.

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