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The benefits and advantages of natural soap

Soap of industrial production usually does not contain vegetable oils, often they are replaced with oils of animal or artificial origin. This allows you to significantly reduce the cost of the production process, but at the same time the quality of the product is significantly deteriorating - such a soap rinses not only dust and dirt from the skin, but also a protective fat layer, which eventually causes the skin to contract, dry out and peel off. Regular use of such soap can lead to a weakening of the protective functions of the skin and its premature aging.

In addition to animals or synthetic fats, industrial soap also includes other components that adversely affect the skin, including:

  • surface-active components providing abundant foam, including lauryl, laureth sulfate and other substances harmful to the body;
  • starch and adhesives that improve the process of foam formation and increase its resistance;
  • flavors and dyes of artificial origin;
  • bleaches;
  • preservatives.

Most of these substances, when they accumulate in the body, can provoke the occurrence of various diseases, including cancer. Of course, not all industrial soaps are substandard, you can also find expensive products that contain vegetable oils and have a pH of at least 7 on sale. If you care about your health and want to use only high-quality cosmetic products, we advise you to purchase a natural organic soap with a lot of useful properties.

What is a natural organic soap?

is it a natural soap? Organic soap is significantly different from industrial, because:

  • is made exclusively by hand, taking into account the principles of aroma and herbal medicine;
  • the composition does not include synthetic additives, but only vegetable and essential oils, herbal infusions and other natural components;
  • the composition does not contain dyes of chemical origin, so over time the product may change its original color;
  • ecological soap is absolutely safe and does not cause an allergic reaction, and due to the observance of a special production technology, it retains its moisturizing, nourishing and protective properties for a long time;
  • the ph value of organic soap is as close as possible to the ph value of human skin.

How organic soap is created

Many are interested in how natural soap is made and is this process complicated? It is possible to get high-quality products only by the “cold” method, that is, by combining soda solution (alkali) with vegetable oils, without thermally treating them during this.

All oils used to create organic soaps are divided into 2 main groups:

  1. the oil that makes up the base, that is, forming a solid block when in contact with alkali. palm, coconut, olive, castor, cocoa butter and others are used as the basis.
  2. essential oils, due to which the product acquires a unique aroma and is endowed with special beneficial characteristics.

During the reaction, 2 products are formed - soap, which has detergent and foaming properties, as well as glycerin, which has a softening and moisturizing effect. Upon completion of the reaction, alkali in the composition of the product is not observed. As a result of combining the oils with a soda solution, it is possible to obtain a completely different product - a salt of fatty acids or, in other words, an organic soap.

The benefits of natural soap

Soap made from natural ingredients has a lot of advantages:

  • the composition of the product contains only natural components - vegetable oils, hydrolytes, royal jelly and other natural substances that endow the soap with beneficial properties. Especially suitable are such products (in particular soap with laurel oil) for those who have dry and excessively sensitive skin, requiring special care, since in this case it is difficult to choose the best hygiene product for themselves;
  • organic soap allows you to maintain attractiveness and youth. for example, for face care, in particular for the area around the eyes, natural products that effectively remove puffiness, brighten pigment spots and eliminate fine wrinkles are best suited;
  • handmade soap can also serve as an excellent alternative to ordinary shampoos with chemical components in the composition, since it allows you to restore damaged hair, strengthen it and give a healthy look;
  • men can use natural soap as a shaving aid or as a natural deodorant;
  • honey soap is especially useful for owners of oily and problematic skin, as it helps restore water balance, normalize the metabolic process and cleanse contaminated pores;
  • natural products are also actively used as a means of intimate hygiene, soap with tea rose content, which has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, and also prevents the development of various diseases, is especially useful.

Masters in the field of soap making keep recipes in the strictest confidence: even when using the same components, the properties of products from different batches may differ, therefore handmade soap is an exclusive product. Currently, paper-based natural soap and tin packaging soap are on sale, and beautifully designed gift soap is also in great demand, which is an excellent way to show care and attention, since it can replace several hygiene products and provide the most gentle skin care. Do not save on your own health or the health of your loved ones, use natural cosmetic products, which have a beneficial effect not only on the skin, but also on the body as a whole.

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