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Beeswax White

Beeswax White

Wax is widely used in the manufacture of cosmetics, candles and a number of other products. It can produce bees, and some types of wax are extracted from plants. There is wax, which is obtained from oil - it is also used very widely. Find out what white beeswax is, how it differs from other waxes, and how it can be useful to you!

Origin and receipt

Beeswax is produced by honey bees - they use it to build honeycombs, which they then place eggs in or store for honey. This wax is called an animal (or animal), and its color can be any from white to dark brown. Impurities (such as pollen) affect the color of the wax. White wax is the purest, no dyes and additives influence its color.

White wax is obtained from the usual - in the nature of the bee can not not "bring" pimenta and other additives in the building material of cells. Primary (yellow) wax is obtained by melting and filtering the honeycomb. So insoluble impurities are separated from them. When the substance is sufficiently purified, it is treated with ultraviolet light. UV light destroys the yellow pigment - a white wax is obtained, known as Ceraalba. Sometimes the wax is bleached with oxidizing agents, but after that the wax is used only as a technical one. Heat treatment fully preserves the beneficial properties of the wax, while maintaining its original structure.

Benefits and features

White wax, ready for sale, is opaque, dense, with a low degree of gloss. Its composition depends on where the primary product was produced (what and how the bees ate, under what conditions they lived). In any beeswax there are a lot of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other useful substances.

But its main components are saturated fatty acids and esters. They give wax its unique structure and properties that make the product in demand in the composition of cosmetic products.

The composition of white beeswax includes:

  • alcohols;
  • lactones;
  • vitamin A;
  • nonacosan;
  • carotenoids;
  • Gentriacontan.

Beeswax contains many acids, including:

  • cerotas;
  • montanova;
  • neocerotous;
  • Melissin;
  • myristic;
  • palmitic.

The main advantage of the product is its binding properties. In cosmetics, beeswax helps prevent the separation of the emulsion into oily and liquid components, which is especially important for creams. It gives cosmetics a special structure and softening properties. At the same time, it remains plastic, elastic and heat-resistant. Wax is indispensable in lipsticks and other similar products. He provides them with:

  • hardness
  • smooth application
  • pleasant smooth structure
  • sufficient thickness of the applied layer.

Wax greatly facilitates the application of makeup. For example, it gives cosmetics for eyes the necessary consistency (rigidity), while not hardening, while maintaining plasticity.

The skin perceives beeswax "as native" - in composition it is close to many of the components that make up it. Therefore, it has good penetrability, no effect of "clogging" of pores. Wax enhances the barrier function of the skin, prevents moisture loss, protects against drying and peeling. Wax-based products are good for treating a number of skin diseases due to their anti-inflammatory properties.

White beeswax does not have direct contraindications, but people with allergies to bee products should use it with caution.

Application and release form

Wax is natural, useful and non-toxic, when ingested with food, it also does not cause negative effects. It optimally combines a lot of useful qualities with harmlessness, therefore it is used in the most different cosmetic products. Wax is an excellent binder and structure-forming natural substance, which has few analogues of the same quality.

White beeswax is used in:

  • carcasses;
  • shadows;
  • lipstick;
  • rouge;
  • diamonds;
  • flavoring;
  • face masks;
  • children's products;
  • protective creams;
  • lip balms;
  • creams and lotions;
  • compositions for hair;
  • tanning products;
  • shaving products;
  • cleansing cosmetics;
  • personal care products;
  • depilatory products;
  • nail and skin care products;
  • softening and healing cosmetics.

Usually in cosmetics there is from 2 to 10% wax, and in creams - up to 5, and in lip products - up to 10.

White beeswax can usually be bought in the form of strips or small granules - a small amount of particles allows the substance to soften faster. When cured, this form helps the wax to harden faster - this is used to speed up production.

Do you want your cosmetics to be natural, pleasant and useful? Make it based on white beeswax - a proven ingredient with many beneficial properties.

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