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Shea Nut Oil

Shea Nut Oil

Shea butter and shea butter are not the same thing. Shea nut oil is an excellent moisturizer that is much more convenient to use than solid shea butter. This product differs from conventional oil in its action, chemical composition and use. Find out how it is useful for hair and skin, what nutrients it contains and how it can be used to maintain beauty and health!

Origin and receipt

Shea butter was used in ancient Egypt. It was claimed both as a medicinal and as a cosmetic product. They are still being treated for arthritis and sinusitis, muscle fatigue and a number of skin diseases. In addition, it smoothes wrinkles and makes the skin younger. And the hair after treatment looks healthy, shiny, does not split and comb perfectly.

Normal cold-pressed shea butter is extracted from the fruits of the shea tree (shea). Two methods are used - manual or mechanical. In both cases, no chemicals or preservatives are added to the oil. The manual method is used in the “homeland” of the plant - in African countries. The industrial method is used in Europe and America, where shea nuts are exported.

Walnut shea butter is obtained from ordinary shea butter by fractionation - thermomechanical treatment, which allows to obtain different fractions of the primary product. Shea butter is heated and cooled, separating the composition, not hardening at room temperature.

Benefits and features

Shea butter is white or ivory, with a neutral smell. It remains liquid at 20˚C. The separated oil differs from ordinary shea butter by the ratio of useful substances. For example, in it:

  • 57% oleic acid (for ordinary oil - 45%);
  • 27% stearic acid (for ordinary oil - 45%);
  • 9% linoleic acid (in ordinary oil - 6%);
  • 5% palmitic acid (in ordinary oil - 4%).

Due to the increased content of oleic acid, shea nut butter moisturizes the skin and hair better. And linoleic acid “spurs” hair growth, while having a positive effect on the skin (including the scalp).

Than peanut butter is good for hair and skin:

  • softens the cuticle;
  • absorbs quickly;
  • rich in vitamin A;
  • contains a lot of vitamin E;
  • unravels hair well;
  • stimulates the production of collagen;
  • a small amount is enough for a long time;
  • rich in fatty acids and minerals;
  • gives the hair shine, fresh and well-groomed appearance;
  • softens hair and is used as an air conditioner;
  • improves blood circulation when used for massage;
  • strengthens hair, improves their growth, prevents fragility;
  • controls moisture loss and keeps skin and hair dry.

It is also believed that walnut shea butter exhibits antifungal and antibacterial properties. Clinical studies in 2010 confirmed its anti-inflammatory effect. The absence of other studies does not prevent the use of oil in the compositions for the treatment of skin diseases in African countries. There it is actively used as a cosmetic.

Peanut Shea Butter has only one contraindication - idiosyncrasy of the product. It is eaten because the product does not pose a danger when released into the human body. Often, shea butter is used as a natural substitute for cocoa butter.

Application and release form

Shea butter is suitable for dry skin. It moisturizes, nourishes and protects the skin and hair, helps against scars and stretch marks. Having a neutral smell, it is perfectly added to the most different cosmetics. It can be used by itself, for example, for a massage or a hair mask. Oil pretreatment helps prevent stretch marks, so that parts of it are applied to the thighs, buttocks, stomach, chest, etc. If the oil is used "as is", it is best to pre-moisten the skin.

Where is shea nut butter used:

  • face masks;
  • scrubs for face and body;
  • shower gels and shampoos;
  • sunscreens and lotions;
  • moisturizing and protective soft creams.

Peanut Shea Butter has a high natural saponification value, so it can be added to soap. Bonus to the effects of your care your money will get a pleasant nutty flavor. The oil can be added to the finished lotions and creams, it is easily dissolved in water. To make the product work best, it is recommended to add from 3 to 20% peanut oil to your formulations.

Butter nuts preserve the many nutrients of the original shea butter. But it is much easier to use - no need to pre-melt and easier to remove from the container. The liquid consistency allows you to purchase oil in virtually any volume - from bubbles of 50-100 ml to spacious seven-liter cans. Try a new kind of shea butter - enjoy all the bonuses of the original product in a convenient form!

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