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Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender essential oil: natural antiseptic with a delicate aroma

Blooming lavender is famous not only for its attractive aroma. "Outstanding abilities" of a purple flower in the treatment of diseases and the restoration of youthful skin were widely used in ancient Rome. Valuable essential oil of lavender and is now used in medicine, perfumery and cosmetology.

Origin and receipt

Lavender oil is produced from the flowers of an evergreen narrow-leaved lavender shrub - a plant that grows in abundance in Mediterranean countries. Residents of the Roman Empire used lavender to fight infections, ablutions and oiling. In the Middle Ages, a useful shrub was grown in monastery gardens.

Cosmetic and aromatic features of lavender fully revealed later than the medical ones. Even the rulers of Europe, who wanted to preserve beauty and health, successfully used lavender oil and decoctions of it. Perfumers found that lavender, when mixed with various odorous substances, makes up wonderful compositions. And the mistresses put dry sprigs of shrubs in the linen closets.

Lavender essential oil is found in all parts of the plant, but most of it is in inflorescences (2-2.5%, or 100 kg of flowers per 1 kg of oil). It is produced by distillation using water vapor from a mixture of flowers, stems and leaves of the plant. Lavender for distillation is grown in Italy, Moldova, Bulgaria, France. The oil looks like a colorless or light greenish-yellow liquid with a pleasant floral scent.

Benefits and features

Lavender essential oil contains 300+ beneficial organic compounds, including:

  • alcohols geraniol, tsineol, lavandiol, linalool;
  • caproic, valerian, camphor, acetic, and ursolic acids.

These substances help:

  • tone the skin, relieve inflammation and irritation;
  • heal cracks, scuffs, minor damages;
  • eliminate blockage of pores, scars, acne, acne, rash, wrinkles;
  • nourish the skin, normalize blood circulation;
  • dry and matte the skin, normalize the sebaceous glands;
  • strengthen hair, relieve dandruff, make strong nails.

Lavender essential oil can also reduce anxiety and stress. The substance is indispensable for aromatherapy, is one of the most popular, active components, since it is easily combined with most essential oils and other odorous components of perfumes.

It is not recommended to use lavender essential oil if you have:

  • allergic to lavender or strong odors;
  • low pressure - lavender oil reduces it;
  • anemia - lavender oil binds iron in the blood;
  • pregnancy - the smell of lavender can cause toxicosis;
  • epilepsy and serious neurological diseases;
  • a course of treatment with radiation therapy, iodine with iron preparations.

Lavender oil rarely gives a negative effect, but it sometimes happens. Among the negative effects of this substance are lethargy, low blood pressure, drowsiness, allergic rashes, changes in hormonal balance. Before you begin to actively use the essential oil, do an allergy test, anoint a small area of skin with the substance, or consult an allergist for advice.

Application and release form

Lavender essential oil is produced in pure form and as part of cosmetics:

  • perfumes;
  • deodorants;
  • shower gels;
  • massage oils;
  • foot and hand creams;
  • means before and after tanning;
  • shampoos, masks, hair conditioners;
  • creams, anti-age masks (anti-aging);
  • lotions, tonics for problem skin;
  • creams, balms, masks for dry and sensitive skin.

Oil is used to care for:

  1. Face and décolleté. The tool is used as an antiseptic, so it successfully fights rashes, acne. It also tightens the skin, making it soft, supple, fresh due to its ability to increase collagen production. Oil eliminates peeling, returns a healthy color to the face. Suitable for all skin types, especially oily and fading.
  2. Hands and nails. Lavender eliminates damage, inflammation, softens the skin of the hands, strengthens the nails.
  3. he body. In the composition of shower gels, the oil nourishes and cleanses the skin, and in the composition of massage oils, it nourishes and tones, eliminating stretch marks, wrinkles, scars, small wounds. Oil treats sunburns, being used as a protective agent before and after sunburn.
  4. Hair. Lavender fights dandruff, strengthens hair bulbs, gives hair a healthy shine, strength.

With lavender distillate you can enrich the finished cosmetics - add 2-3 drops of oil to your favorite cream, balm or shampoo, and soon you will see changes for the better. You can also combine lavender oil with other basic essential oils, combining a remedy with herbal decoction, honey and milk.

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