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Camellia Seed Oil

Camellia Seed Oil

The amazing characteristics of camellia oil have been known for a long time, and the “cosmetic experience” has been estimated for more than one century: it enjoyed great honor and popularity among the imperial beauties in distant China and Japan. Camellia oil prolonged youth and freshness for many years, preserving the girl's beauty and delaying the onset of aging.

Camellia Oil Characteristics

Refined camellia oil is a liquid substance of light yellow or yellow-red, sometimes greenish tint (the degree of refining affects the color). It is characterized by a subtle subtle aroma. The production method used is cold pressing of seeds. The iodine number is 95, the saponification number ranges from 180 to 200. It is rich in unique useful substances and elements: vitamins; beneficial minerals (magnesium, phosphorus, calcium); bioflavonoids, squalene, polyphenols. It should be noted its fatty acid components: a high content of oleic acid (87%) is especially noted, palmitic and linoleic acids are contained in an amount of up to 12%, the approximate concentration of stearic acid is 3.5-4%, an insignificant content of myristic, arachidonic, eicosanoic acids is up to 2%, traces of eruca, palmitoleic and others are also observed.

In modern cosmetology, camellia seed oil is widely known as a highly effective and useful tool, and therefore it is often included in the prescription composition of cosmetic products of popular brands. Being rich in the content of many vitamins, minerals and, in particular, fatty acids, camellia oil provides a comprehensive and complete, and most importantly gentle care for your skin and hair.

Properties of Camellia Oil

  • provides enhanced nutrition and hydration of the skin, hair;
  • effectively softens and soothes the skin of the face, head
  • protects, restores the skin barrier
  • normalization and maintenance of optimal water balance of the skin, prevention of dehydration of the skin
  • is a powerful antioxidant and regenerating agent
  • stimulates collagen production
  • characterized by rapid absorption and the ability to penetrate deep into the skin
  • rejuvenates and tones the skin
  • moderate lifting effect
  • prevention of loss of skin elasticity
  • anti-aging effect - prevention and elimination of wrinkles, age spots
  • visual reduction in the manifestation of freckles
  • effective skin care around the eyes (the fight against dark circles under the eyes, puffiness, swelling, elimination of crow's feet, reducing traces of skin “fatigue”)
  • healing effect (reducing the appearance of scars, acne)
  • anti-cellulite effect (struggle with the “orange peel”, reduction of stretch marks and striae)
  • general anti-inflammatory effect
  • prevention of stratification and fragility of nails
  • provides protection to brittle and damaged hair
  • restoration of the damaged structure of the hair shaft
  • prevention of split ends of hair

Camellia is ideal for sensitive skin, and can also be used for the preparation of children's cosmetics (massage oils, soaps).

Not inferior in terms of usefulness and effectiveness to olive oil, camellia oil is often called “eastern olive oil”.

The recommended dosage can reach 60%, it is allowed to use as an independent full-fledged product:

  • massage oil - up to 50-60%
  • creams - up to 4-6%
  • solid soap - up to 1-2%
  • Uptan - up to 6%
  • wraps - up to 6-8%
  • nail creams - 10%
  • shampoos, conditioners, hair masks - up to 6%
  • healing creams - up to 11%
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