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Lime Essential Oil

Lime Essential Oil

Lime Essential Oil: application and beneficial properties

Lime essential oil is a tonic, bright, soft-acting oil from the citrus group, preserving both properties characteristic of the whole family and possessing unique abilities. It is distinguished by a complex, pleasant aroma with a spicy bitterness, which is perfectly perceived in perfume compositions and captivates with much brighter overtones than an ether similar in properties, but not in the nature of the lemon. Tonic, bright and optimistic lime oil is non-toxic and suitable for universal use.

Production Method and Storage Features

Lime essential oil is produced by two methods that determine their composition and characteristics.

Terpenic, the most active and concentrated in terms of both aroma and effect of oil, are produced by cold pressing (squeezing), which also adds very valuable non-volatile components to the standard composition.

Softer, unsaturated and completely devoid of unsaponifiable parts esters are extracted by steam distillation.

Cold pressing is considered more preferable than steam distillation, and the oils obtained by this method are better and more powerful.

To obtain the oil, both whole fruits and exclusively the skin of the fruits are used. The production uses exclusively unripe peels. Ethers from peel alone are considered better.

The composition of lime oils is dominated by terpene compounds classic for citrus, in particular pinen, terpinene, terpineols of various forms. The oil extracted by cold pressing has a noticeable admixture of volatile and crystalline precipitating components, in particular limetin.

This oil is stored for slightly longer than other citrus fruits: subject to the recommended temperatures and lighting, it does not lose its properties for 12 months. The ether obtained by cold pressing, unsaponifiable fractions crystallize over time, it is stored in cold and dark.

External characteristics and features of aroma

The color of the oil, like other external characteristics, is determined by the method of production. As a result of steam distillation, a whitish, slightly cloudy or transparent yellowish oil is obtained. As a result of cold pressing - green or yellowish, absolutely transparent, containing unsaponifiable fractions.

Like all citrus oils, lime is fluid, very liquid.

The smell of oil is significantly affected by the method of its production. Obtained by cold pressing is more sweet, refreshingly bitter, its smell reminds of citrus peels. Steam distillation allows you to get the ether with a sharp refreshing smell, in which the citrus base is felt much weaker, captured only as overtones.

The aroma of the oil is fresh, associated with greens and juicy fruits, bitter, complex, refined, piquant, with a sweet-lollipop base that appears after the sour and sharp upper tones. The aroma is based on floral-vanilla, hardly distinguishable tart shades that appear right behind the base.

Cosmetic action:

  • It has a strong anti-aging effect: a powerful tonic antioxidant.
  • Refreshes the skin, helps smooth small and deep wrinkles.
  • Forms a beautiful homogeneous skin color, lightening it slightly.
  • Eliminates rashes on oily skin.
  • Great oily hair care product: eliminates excess oiliness. Gives a pearl shimmer to fair hair.
  • Increases skin turgor, including bust, abdomen, thighs and buttocks.
  • A means for lifting when added to creams and oils.
  • Fights cellulite.

Therapeutic effect:

  • Normalizes arterial pressure, eliminating tendencies to its abnormal ups and downs, especially actively “demonstrates” its effect to hypertensive patients.
  • It has a cold, antipyretic effect.
  • For the digestive system - an excellent antispasmodic with a slight choleretic effect. Optimizes the process of digestion of food, does not allow a feeling of heaviness after eating, as well as the formation of calculi.
  • A tonic and antioxidant effect that promotes overall rejuvenation of the body.
  • It is a radioprotector (protects against radiation), which is used for some types of work and medical manipulations.
  • Promotes the removal of “toxins” and the cleansing of the body.

Application features and precautions

Lime oil is ranked among the “softest” citrus oils. The phototoxic effect so characteristic of citrus fruits is possessed only by cold pressed oils. They can not be used before going outside in sunny weather. The rest of the ether does not cause irritation and unpleasant effects on the skin.

There are no contraindications to the use of this oil.

It is not recommended to be applied to the skin in its pure form: even when used for acupressure, it should be diluted with base oil to soften the effect.

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