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Wheat Germ Oil

Wheat Germ Oil

Wheat germ oil is the power of life for healthy beauty

Wheat is the most important cereal for man, which is widely used in cooking and cosmetology. From the sprouts of this plant, a useful oil is created. which has many useful properties. How to use this oil for health and vitality?

Origin and receipt

Wheat began to grow many millennia ago. The homeland of this cereal is Asia Minor, North Africa and Southern Europe. For hundreds of generations, wheat grains were the basis of the diet of many peoples. The healing properties of wheat seedlings were discovered as far back as the XVI century - they were used to treat diseases. Later, from seedlings, they began to receive useful oils for cosmetic purposes.

In the production of wheat germ oil, the method of cold pressing (Virgin) or extraction with special substances is used. To get 250 g of oil, you need to recycle about a ton of wheat. The oil can be refined - cleaning, which helps to keep the final product longer.

Unrefined wheat oil has a pleasant flavor of bread, yellowish-red color, saturated consistency and a shorter (up to 7-9 months) shelf life. Refined almost does not smell, golden yellow, lighter, long (about 1 year) is stored.

Advantages and features

Wheat germ oil is a unique concentrate of vitamins and biologically active substances for the restoration of the body's strength. It is used in medicine, cooking, cosmetology. Adding oil of wheat germ to other vegetable oils prevents their rapid burning, extending the shelf life.

  • trace elements (potassium, calcium, zinc, manganese, iodine, iron, copper, sulfur, phosphorus, selenium);
  • proteins that are not synthesized by the human body (leucine, tryptophan, methionine);
  • saturated fatty acids (stearic, palmitic);
  • vitamins: E, B1, P, F, B2, B3, PP, B5, B6, B9, A, D);
  • polyunsaturated fatty acids (Omega-3, -6, -9);
  • antioxidants allantoin and squalene.

Oil of seedlings of wheat contains a lot of "vitamin youth" E (tocopherol). It improves the functioning of the cardiovascular and reproductive system, eliminates inflammation, inhibits the aging process of cells and stimulates their renewal.

Also the oil of wheat germs:

  • protects against the negative influence of external factors;
  • fights diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • promotes the removal of the body from slags and toxins;
  • contributes to strengthening immunity;
  • stimulates metabolism;
  • maintains efficiency;
  • protects against stress.

Wheat germ oil used in cosmetic products makes the skin elastic and elastic, soothes, softens, refreshes, cleanses the skin, reduces stretch marks and pores, heals cracks, burns, acne and acne, aligns the color and relief of the skin, makes the hair thick , brilliant and strong. Scope: skin care, body, area around eyes, lips, hair and scalp, after sunburn, nail plates. Also, the substance is suitable for the care of the skin of infants.

Application and release form

Wheat germ oil looks like a dense liquid produced by refined and unrefined. It is packed in containers made of glass or plastic. Can be used both in pure form and in the composition of self-made cosmetic products. It can also be found in industrial cosmetics or added to it.

A versatile recipe for wheat germ oil - add 1 teaspoon of oil to 50 g of shampoo, cream, mask, balsam, gel, which you usually use and mix thoroughly.

For massage, use wheat germ oil in equal amounts with almonds, peaches, apricots.

For aging skin it is recommended to mix 1 tbsp. Oil of wheat germs with essential oils of sandalwood, peppermint and rose or sandalwood, orange and rosewood (in 1 drop of each). Wipe the napkin, attach to the problem area, hold for 30 minutes.

To rejuvenate the skin around the eyes will help a mixture of 1 st.l. Oil of wheat germ and 1 drop of nil, sandalwood, roses.

Against cellulite will help a mixture of 1 st.l. Oil of wheat germ and 3 drops of grapefruit or orange oil, or 1 drop of fennel oil, lemon, juniper, geranium.

Against Acne is an effective remedy with 3 parts. Wheat germ oil and 2 drops of clove, lavender or cedar oil.

Use cracked linen on the lips using pure seedlings of wheat seedlings.

For healthy hair, try a 1: 1 mask of wheat germ and jojoba oil.

To wash your head, mix with 2 tablespoons Wheat germ oil for 2 drops of cedar and eucalyptus oils, or oil of orange and thyme. Apply on the hair roots, wash with ordinary shampoo for 20 minutes.

Keep the seedlings of wheat in a cool, dark place. Avoid contact with the sun, especially after opening.

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