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Hemp Seed Oil Unrefined

Hemp Seed Oil Unrefined

Hemp oil: benefits and harms

Hemp oil is a unique dietary product with a high biological value. It contains a large number of nutrients that are beneficial to human health. Their proportions are perfectly balanced, and therefore they are easily absorbed by the body. Such a healthy cocktail is not found in any other representative of flora and fauna. Only a few types of seafood have a similar, but less perfect composition.

Hemp oil can be safely called a special natural product of great biological value to humans. It contains a lot of nutrients useful for the body. Moreover, they are presented in an easily digestible form and in ideal proportions. They are quickly and efficiently absorbed by the body, having a positive effect on it. It should be noted that no other plant or animal food contains such a useful "cocktail" of nutrients. Those who associate cannabis only with a "drug" should know that psychoactive substances are found only in adult plants. They are not found in seeds, so hemp oil is a completely legal product that can be found on supermarket shelves. Its beneficial qualities are officially recognized by medicine. It is used to make medicines, food products and supplements.

Hemp seed oil composition

For the preparation of hemp oil, the cold-pressed method is used. This allows you to preserve all of its useful qualities. As a result, it has a high nutritional value. Its light green color is due to its high concentration of chlorophyll. The composition of hemp seed oil contains a unique "cocktail" of monounsaturated, diunsaturated, polyunsaturated and saturated fatty acids, the highest concentration of which are:

  • Palmitic;
  • Oleic;
  • Stearic acid;
  • Linolenic;
  • Linoleic acid.

Hemp seed oil also contains:

  • Seven different vitamins;
  • Several types of trace elements;
  • Phytosterols;
  • Carotene;
  • Amino acids.

The benefits and harms of hemp oil

Hemp oil contraindications

I would like to note right away that there are no contraindications to the use of cannabis oil. It is a natural product that is easily assimilated by the body. An exception may be the individual plant intolerance, but this is extremely rare.

The benefits of hemp seed oil

Hemp seed oil has a number of health benefits. All of them have been proven by official medicine, and therefore it can be safely taken for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes. It helps fight a wide variety of diseases and symptoms. Numerous clinical studies have confirmed that hemp oil is a highly effective prophylactic agent that can curb the appearance of various diseases of individual organs and entire systems.

Hematopoietic function

Hemp seed oil has a positive effect on the function of hematopoiesis. It stimulates the synthesis of blood cells. This function is due to the presence of iron, zinc and chlorophyll in it. It is recommended for people with anemia.

The cardiovascular system

The ideal balance of several types of fatty acids in the oil lowers blood cholesterol levels, cleanses blood vessels and strengthens heart muscles. It is advised to be taken as a preventive measure that reduces the risk of strokes and heart attacks.

Respiratory organs

Hemp seed oil helps with asthma problems and respiratory tract infections. He is advised to take patients with bronchitis, pneumonia and tuberculosis.

Skin covering

Hemp oil has long been used as an effective remedy against dermatological diseases, including dermatitis, lupus, vitiligo, eczema and psoriasis. It is part of many ointments that heal burns and abscesses, eliminate skin irritations.


Incorporating hemp oil into your regular nutritional diet will help keep your entire digestive system working. It is effective for colic, gastritis, stomach ulcers, hemorrhoids and cholecystitis. It also acts as a laxative that is recommended for people with constipation.


Hemp oil has a positive effect on the human central nervous system. Doctors recommend including it in the diet for people suffering from insomnia, retarded reactions, behavioral disorders, autism, hyperactivity and neurosis.

Musculoskeletal system

Hemp seed oil has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects on the human musculoskeletal system. Linoleic acid in its composition improves the absorption of calcium by the body, which strengthens bones. It is recommended to be eaten for osteochondrosis, bruises, osteoporosis, arthrosis, sprains and fractures.


When consumed on a regular basis, hemp oil speeds up and improves the metabolic process. It is advised for people with overweight problems.


Hemp seed oil optimizes the functioning of the human immune system. It strengthens and enhances the protective functions of the body. As a result, it more effectively resists all types of diseases.

Male and female organs

Hemp oil has a positive effect on the human reproductive system. For women, it helps relieve pain in the premenstrual period, improves the general condition during menopause. It is very useful during pregnancy, because it contains vitamins important for the healthy development of the embryo. It also prevents excessive fluid accumulation. Men are advised to drink hemp seed oil as a preventive measure against prostate adenoma, impotence and cancer.

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