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Red Raspberry Oil

Red Raspberry Oil

Useful properties of raspberry oil

Raspberry seed oil is one of the most persistent and stable base oils. It contains all fatty acids important for the skin and is secreted with a rich vitamin and mineral composition. This oil combines lightness, weightlessness and good nutritional properties with excellent protective properties. Today it is considered one of the rare bases suitable for use in the hot season, and one of the best herbal remedies for treating skin diseases and improving the condition of the epidermis..

Receiving method

The production of base oil from raspberry seeds is considered not the most productive. In wild (forest) forms of raspberries, the content of fatty oil in the seeds is about 25%, but in varietal garden raspberries, its content decreases to 15%. Raspberry seeds are very small, they are easy to crush and usually they are not pre-crushed before pressing. Oil is extracted from refined and dried seeds.

The only acceptable production method is cold pressing. Extraction with carbon dioxide or chemical or organic solvents is not acceptable. After pressing, the oil does not undergo additional cleaning.

Admixtures of vitamin E or other natural preservatives should be alarming: this vegetable oil is highly resistant and antioxidant and does not need to be stabilized.


The plant base from wild raspberry seeds belongs to valuable antioxidants due to the content of impurities of Omega-6 and Omega-3 acids. More than half of the composition of the oil is linolenic acid, up to half is alpha-linolenic, while the characteristics and distribution on the skin are significantly affected by small fractions of active arachidic, oleic, palmitic, stearic and eicosenic acids.

But it is not the fatty acid composition that makes this oil unique, but vitamins, minerals and active phyto-components, which are not repeated in such a concentration in other berry bases. Raspberry oil contains a very high content of vitamin E (in the most active forms E-306 and E-308), an optimal ratio of vitamins PP, B2, B1, C and A, active and easily digestible forms of copper, potassium and iron are also present. Such a vitamin and mineral "set" of raspberries enhances the effect of ketones, phytosterol, coumarins, catechins, folic acid.

Color and aroma

Raspberry oil is one of the brightest berry vegetable oils. Unlike related plants, the base obtained from raspberry seeds retains a rather pronounced aroma of dried leaves and berries, and its color is quite rich. If other berry oils are completely odorless and only partially give off rancid-oily overtones or fish oil, then raspberries have a slight and somewhat specific smell, though earthy, reminiscent of dried berries or plant leaves, but enchantingly sweet, with pleasant overtones and seductive shades.

The sweetness of the smell is considered one of the criteria for assessing the quality of this base, but you should not be guided by it alone: the perception of the aroma of raspberries depends on the individual sense of smell, and it is quite possible that for you this oil will smell just like "fish oil".

It is worth paying attention to the color: it should be noticeable, not very bright, sunny yellow or light orange with golden notes. The colorlessness of the oil may indicate hiding information about the method of its preparation.

Behavior on the skin

Raspberry belongs to rare oils that do not leave any visible trace on the skin. It is a super-penetrating and very light base, perfectly spreading and absorbing at lightning speed, without creating any tangible protective and greasy films.

Even a single application of raspberry oil can significantly increase the softness and hydration of the skin. This base has a quick smoothing effect.

Healing properties

For medicinal purposes, raspberry oil is used mainly as a healing and anti-inflammatory agent.

Its composition and non-toxicity make it possible to use the oil for the general improvement of health and the functioning of the cardiovascular system, for strengthening the immune system, but the rather high cost and the absence of strong medicinal characteristics make it possible to find more effective vegetable oils for these purposes.

The oil allows you to effectively deal with eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, rashes of various etymologies, redness, irritation, abrasions, wounds, abrasions and other skin problems. It is a systemic, complex remedy for the treatment of skin diseases, an excellent basis for healing balms and ointments. It has a regenerating, soothing, active regenerating and stimulating cellular renewal effect on the damaged and inflamed areas.

This oil is used for high-quality scarring.

Cosmetological properties

Raspberries are considered one of the strongest antioxidant bases. The high proportion of vitamin E in the composition of the oil provides it with excellent protective effects, and the rest of the components complement the basic set of fatty acids and endow it with anti-inflammatory, regenerating, regenerating, moisturizing properties.

Raspberry is one of the fastest-acting oils with strong healing and anti-inflammatory properties. Its calming abilities are more pronounced than that of the famous avocados, wheat and grape seeds. The combination of these characteristics allows the oil to restore the skin's elasticity, softness, beauty and radiance.

Due to the ability to recreate lipid barriers and regulate cell metabolism, restoring the ability of the epidermis to retain moisture in the skin cells, it returns the natural moisture level of the skin and prevents moisture loss.

This oil smoothes the skin texture, restores its turgor, regenerates, restores tone. This base has a beneficial effect on the complexion, evening it out and giving a beautiful natural shade.

It is believed that raspberry seed oil is one of the most effective remedies for preventing age-related changes and premature aging. Acting on cell synthesis, it helps to restore the natural level of collagen production, stimulates cell renewal, improves local immunity and blood circulation.

This base is most often used as a basic care product for sensitive skin prone to irritation, flaking and rashes. But it is suitable for use on any type of epidermis, including for use on the most problematic skin types - flaky, damaged, irritated, cracked.

This is one of the best "summer" oils, and not only because its light texture, absorbency and the absence of greasy marks on the skin are great for hot weather. Raspberry oil provides natural UV protection (its sun protection factor ranges from 28 to 50), without interfering with an effective and equal tan.

This oil binds free radicals and promotes the elimination of toxins, helps to soothe the skin and has a healing effect on sunburn and after peeling, including chemical peels.

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