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Natural Colourants

In order to give cosmetic products an individual and original appearance, dyes are used. They allow you to create interesting and attractive soapy bits that you just want to try. Even a child will want to wash their hands with bright and beautiful soap, while an ordinary-looking dull piece will not like an adult either. Dyes color the product in a variety of colors, giving it a perfect look. If you want your handmade cosmetics to be completely natural, use natural dyes. Natural dyes do not give such a bright and lasting color as synthetic ones, but they will fill cosmetics with many useful properties.

Use cases for natural dyes

A wide variety of herbal ingredients are used as colorants. The color palette is wide enough.

  • Cosmetic clay. Thanks to its natural properties, irritation and itching of the skin are eliminated, blood circulation is improved, and dead cells are removed. With the help of clay, you can paint a cosmetic product red.
  • Natural powders from nettle, spirulina, vanilla pod. They are easy to use and mix well with a soap base.
  • Essential oils of sea buckthorn and pumpkin are colored orange. They have anti-aging and regenerating properties.
  • Natural henna. It can be added to cosmetics for hair care, used to apply biotat. Henna dyes hair red and skin brown.
  • On our site, dyes are presented in a wide range. Prices for all natural ingredients are quite affordable, so you can order goods in bulk or in a single copy. Due to its ease of use, both novice soap-makers and more experienced craftsmen will be able to use dyes. In many cities of our country, the cost of natural ingredients can be high. In our country, the ingredients, along with delivery, will be relatively cheap.

Natural dyes - types, areas of use

Natural colors given by nature, not only do not harm human health, but also help to improve his general well-being.

Dyes of natural origin are used in various fields:

  • soap making - the color of the finished product will not be as bright as when using synthetic dyes, however, natural dyes make it possible to create a truly unique product that is good for the skin.
  • production of various cosmetic products for face and body skin care. In addition, mineral paints such as kaolin (green) clay can be used to prepare baths that cleanse, soften the skin, and effectively fight fatigue, stress, and irritation.
  • organic dyes, in particular henna, are used for dyeing and caring for hair.
  • cooking - turmeric, paprika, nettle powder and other powder pigments are actively used not only by experienced soap-makers for making soap, but also by caring hostesses to create a variety of healthy dishes.