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Butters H & B Oils are the best for business and hobbies

Looking for a quality plant product for your business or hobby? The Chicago brand H & B Oils offers a wide range of cosmetic, culinary and other oils. The best option for buyers who want to get the best at once!

H & B Oils sells more than 500 high quality oils and butter for cosmetics, perfumes, cooking and technical needs. The products range from common to exotic specialized, from wholesale batches to retail packages. 100% natural products do not contain pesticides, hexane, GMOs.

Butters - foods that at room temperature are similar to butter on the consistency. It is a puree and fats obtained by the method of spinning from fruits, vegetables, leaves and seeds of plants.

Aloe Vera Butter

Aloe Vera Butter is obtained from the leaves of the plant Aloe Barbadensis. It is a base for other vegetable essential oils. Used:

  • in medicine (for the treatment of fungus, wounds, inflammation);
  • in cosmetology (for a person, a body, a hand, a strap);
  • in cooking (supplement for dishes).

Aloe vera butter regulates immunity, hormonal activity of the body and fat metabolism.

Avocado Butter

Avocado Butter Refined is extracted from Persea Americana fruit pulp. Valuable gourmet, has medicinal and dietary properties. Used:

  • in medicine (for the treatment of the heart, blood vessels, gastrointestinal tract, diabetes);
  • in cosmetology (for skin, hair, nails);
  • in cooking (for vegetarian and dietetic food).

Avocado butter is not inferior to meat due to its caloric content, it is the leader among fruit butter on the content of useful fats.

Cocoa Butter

Cocoa Butter is extracted from the fruits of Theobroma Cacao. Contains substances that activate the production of a "hormone of happiness". Used:

  • in medicine (for the treatment of skin, digestive tract, viral diseases);
  • in cosmetology (for the face, hands, body, hair);
  • in cooking (add to salads, cereals, seafood, baking, desserts).

Cocoa Butter has over 300 beneficial properties.

Hemp Butter

Hemp Seed Butter is extracted from Cannabis Sativa. The only butter that is 100% digested by the human body. Used:

  • in medicine (for the treatment of all organs and systems);
  • in cosmetology (for hair and skin);
  • in cooking (for refreshments and baking).

The composition of hemp butter is compared with fish oil, contains most of the organic compounds.

Jojoba Butter Unrefined

Jojoba Butter Unrefined is extracted from the fruits of Simmondsia Chinensis. Universal product for care, spermatozoa substitute. Used:

  • in medicine (for skin treatment);
  • in cosmetology (for hair, body and face);
  • in perfumery (as a basis for flavors);
  • in industry (organic fertilizer).

Unrefined jojoba butter extends the shelf life of cosmetic products.

Kokum Butter

Kokum Butter is mined from Garcinia Indica. Replaces butter. Used:

  • in medicine (for skin treatment);
  • in cosmetology (for mature skin, hands and feet);
  • in cooking (for the production of chocolate and as a spice).

Kokum butter increases the stability of emulsions, is stored for 2 years.

Mango Butter

Mango Butter is extracted from Mangifera Indica seeds. It is one of the best natural moisturizers and nutrients for the skin. Used:

  • in medicine (for the treatment of skin diseases, insect bites);
  • in cosmetology (for skin and hair care).

Mango butter has no odor, therefore it is recommended to highly sensitive people.

Shea Butter

Shea Butter is extracted from Walnut Butyrospermum parkii. A unique product that contains 80% fatty acids. Used:

  • in medicine (for the treatment of allergies, open wounds, skin diseases);
  • in cosmetology (for mature skin, hair care).

Shea butter (karite) is made with the observance of ancient African traditions, and therefore the most useful.

Sweet Almond Butter

Sweet Almond Butter is extracted from Prunus Dulcis nuts. It is one of the strongest natural hair growth stimulants. Used:

  • in medicine (for the treatment of wounds and cuts, gastrointestinal tract, pain);
  • in cosmetology (for the face, hair, body, nails);
  • in cooking (for salad dressing, sauces, mayonnaise, desserts).

Sweet almond butter is hypoallergenic and nontoxic, suitable for newborns.

Welcome to the center of H & B Oils - here you are guaranteed to find the highest quality vegetable butter at a reasonable price!

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I will purchase it again. 
Love it ! It’s a little hard to wash off but that’s okay !  
Love this!  
This soap is gorgeous!  
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I use it for my face only 
Great product  
Very happy with this argan oil. 
I use this on my eyelashes. 
It’s lightweight and the best argan oil I’ve used. 
This is a lot of oil for a really reasonable price