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Peach Kernel Oil

Peach Kernel Oil

Peach oil: rejuvenates, tightens, adds elasticity and strength

For many centuries peach was considered a symbol of youth and health, and not just so - its pulp is tasty and useful, and from the seeds extracted cold oil from the cold pressing method. Peach oil is an indispensable component of the many remedies for youth and beauty. How and why is it used?

The composition of peach oil

Peach oil has a well-deserved recognition by cosmetologists and physicians due to its hypoallergenicity. It is used without any problems by people of all ages.

The composition of the oil extract of peach seed includes vitamins:

  • group A, which strengthens the skin;
  • B groups that bleach the skin;
  • P groups that strengthen capillaries;
  • groups C and E, which slow down skin dryness;


  • minerals (iron, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, potassium, iodine, calcium), which nourish and strengthen the skin and hair;
  • fatty polyunsaturated acids (stearic, palmitic, arachidonic, linoleic, oleic), which restore and tone the skin and hair.

A high percentage of polyunsaturated fatty acids makes peach oil indispensable for improving blood circulation, eliminating inflammation and peeling, rejuvenating and maintaining skin tone.

The benefits of peach oil

The oil produced from peach seed is a natural source of many bonuses for our youth and health. Doctors consider it the best alternative for anyone who is allergic to nutraceuticals.

What "can" peach oil:

  • soothes the pain;
  • eliminates fine wrinkles;
  • improves the complexion of the face;
  • cleans the body from slags;
  • heals and strengthens hair;
  • heals cracks on his lips and hands;
  • stimulates processes of hematopoiesis and metabolism;
  • actively struggles with aging of the skin on the face and body;
  • heals burns, irritations and skin diseases such as dermatitis;
  • stabilizes digestive processes, prevents diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Peach oil allows complex care of the entire body, face, hair, hands, eyelashes, eyebrows, nails, and even the skin around the eyes.

The product is ideal for use on greasy, dry, young, mature and sensitive skin. He delicately cares for the body, face and hair, filling them with health and vitality. Peanut oil is used in pure form, as well as in household or industrial cosmetic products.

In pharmaceuticals, peach oil is used to create medicines from vascular and cardiovascular diseases, anemia, throat problems, problems with the immune system, urolithiasis. It is also recommended to refill the vegetable salads with peach seed oil.

How to apply peach oil to the face

A peach seed remedy can be used to clean your face skin or add to home creams, masks and ointments. It has a great effect on dry and flabby skin, it is used in the form of:

  • masks (separately or in a mixture with other oils, dairy products, pulp of fruits);
  • applications (wetted with cotton wool disks overlapped on problem areas).

The device returns skin elasticity and a beautiful natural color, heals cracks and inflammation. With its help you can easily remove makeup, remove peeling lip (mixing 1: 1 oil of peach, jojoba or wheat germ).

How to apply peach oil to the body

Peach oil is a great help in getting rid of cellulite. Pour about 1 tablespoon of the product on the palm and rub massages in the skin on the problem area. For greater efficiency, mix peach oil with sandalwood, orange, lemon, rose.

You can prepare scrubs for the body, combining peach oil with ground coffee, blue clay or sea salt. Use the tool before taking a shower - rub in the body in circular motions and rinse.

Peach oil is widely used in sun baths - with it you will get a good equal tan without burns and allergies to UV rays. Saturated velvety color, high level of protection will provide lotions and sprays before and after sunburn. Oil quickly absorbs into the skin, does not contaminate clothes and does not require flushing.

How to apply peach oil to hair, eyebrows, eyelashes and nails

Peach oil makes brilliant and strong weakened hair, heals the scalp, eliminates dandruff. Oil can be used pure, lubricating its ringlets from the roots to the ends, wrap, so that the hair is in the heat, and an hour after the procedure thoroughly washed. You can also add 2-5 drops of oil to your shampoo or balm, or cook different masks - with honey, egg yolk and vodka.

Eyebrows can be combed with a brush, soaked with peach oil - they will be obedient and smooth. Grease the eyelashes 2 hours before bedtime, after removing makeup.

The extract of peach seed will save your nails from the formation of blister and brittle - enough 2 times a day to lubricate them with a mixture of 15 drops of peach and 2 drops of cedar oil. Use peach oil, and forget about skin problems!

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