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"Autumn cocktail": how to keep warm with the help of essential oils

  • 28 October 2019 11:29:11
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It is difficult to come up with something more banal than the fact that, they say, autumn is a very special season. But this is exactly the case when the truth is just that: autumn is special, because it combines the incompatible. Chilliness and desire to keep warm - with the stunning beauty of nature. A sad reduction in daylight hours - with a slowdown in our rhythm of life and a more thoughtful attitude to comfort, life priorities, family and even entertainment. Languid laziness and a desire to sleep longer - with rapid "nesting", the purchase of accessories, home textiles and various beautiful interior pieces. But the most expressive feelings in the fall are the desire to keep warm, surround yourself with comfort and pleasant "tube" emotions. The challenge is just for natural flavors!

Important: choose the method of applying essential oils correctly - so as to obtain the desired result.

The main ways to use essential oils

Aroma lamp (aroma diffuser, aroma stone) - ideal if you need to spread the aroma to the whole room. In creating the right mood at home is what you need. In the general case, one session of using the aroma lamp requires 2-4 drops of EM (per average living room).

Baths in general and baths (for feet) give a double and even triple effect: they gently affect the skin, heal the respiratory system and act on mood, emotions - they relax, tone, warm. The advantage of aromatherapy is that the concentration of EM is low, so the effect is very neat, peripheral. The usual dose of EM is 5-8 drops per bath (pre-drip ether into the bath salt, shake, and then dissolve the salt in the bath).

Fragrance in your pocket (aroma pendant, aroma keychain, handkerchief soaked with essential oils, a couple of drops on a cotton pad, aroma sticks, etc.) - a super option for the prevention of colds, headaches and other minor ailments, as well as mobile and an easy way to raise your tone in the middle of the day. Since you inhale the aroma directly from the surface of a pendant, key chain or scarf, 1-2 drops are sufficient, a maximum of 3.

Aroma massage (ready-made oils with EM or self-made with selected ethers) - this is what you need if you need not only psychological and emotional effects, but also muscle relaxation, physical effects on the tone of the body and skin. Be careful: if you yourself add the essential oil to the base, make sure that this EM is suitable for application to the skin. Usually 3-5 drops of ethers per 15 ml of base (vegetable oil) are enough, but there are essential oils that require more careful selection and dosage, and combinations - in this case, you better trust an aromatherapist or buy a ready-made mixture.

Aroma candles are another way to envelop in the fragrance not only yourself, but also your home. The emphasis here is on creating coziness and the right mood, but it’s still important to choose natural candles (based on natural wax) with a natural aromatic composition. Do not leave candles unattended and do not burn candles for too long, the room should be ventilated so that the air does not stagnate, because carbon dioxide is released during any combustion - and this is not very useful.

Warming essential oils

The unique sensation of warmth - partially objective (if EM really stimulates blood circulation, warms up) and partially subjective (if EM has a spicy-southern aroma) - gives many essential oils, but we will list the most basic options, of which you won’t be mistaken:

  • Cinnamon (note that there are EM cinnamon barks and EM cinnamon leaves - slightly different flavors).
  • Carnation
  • Ginger
  • Nutmeg
  • Black pepper
  • Cardamom

These essential oils are an excellent base for any autumn aroma, since it is they that warm and purely on associations strongly connect our senses with everything that is cozy, warm, “tasty” and rich. Of course, they can also be used solo, but if you have the mood to experiment, you can achieve an additional effect by combining warming aromas with additional ones.

How to choose additional? Depending on your purpose!

  1. Pamper yourself. The good news: spicy warming aromas are combined with the maximum amount of aroma in general, so the easiest way to treat yourself is to combine warming ether with your favorite aroma. For example, if you love incense, add 2 drops of EM incense and 2 drops of EM ginger to the aroma lamp. If you like mandarin, combine it with cinnamon, if you can’t live without sage, add nutmeg to it - and you will get something even more magical than both of these essential oils alone.
  2. Closer to nature. Using coniferous (essential oils of pine, spruce, cedar, fir) in combination with warming ethers, you kill two birds with one stone. Firstly, such combinations breathe natural charm, something very natural and natural - so much so that it’s no wonder to imagine yourself sitting on the veranda of a cozy hut deep in the autumn forest. Secondly, coniferous essential oils are an excellent prevention of colds. For example, a bath (or foot bath) with a combination of warming and coniferous EMs is just a super-remedy for colds, especially in the evening, before bedtime.
  3. Wow - hot! Sometimes in the fall I want not so much cosiness as vitality and vitality. In this case, warming essential oils work perfectly in combination with invigorating citrus fruits (sweet and bitter orange, mandarin, grapefruit, bergamot, lemon, lime, lemongrass). For example, a combination of ginger and orange is a real “fire” (and also a good combination in a massage mixture against cellulite). In this direction, not only citrus fruits work well, but also such essential oils as juniper, eucalyptus, palmarosa, rosemary.

What if you just want to keep warm after a long dank day? Fill the bath, drip a little cinnamon or ginger essential oil into the bath salt (5-7 drops per 150 g of salt), add a drop of coniferous EM or any you like, dissolve the salt in the bath - and dive into it for the next 15 minutes. (The main thing - do not overdo it with the temperature, it should not be higher than about 40 degrees) Or light the aroma lamp and drop a couple drops of any warming essential oil into it. Sometimes you need quite a bit to feel significantly better!

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