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Cosmetic oils to fight wrinkles on the face

Cosmetic oils to fight wrinkles on the face

The appearance of natural signs of maturation of the body, that is, wrinkles, often brings a woman continuous chagrin. Everyone, of course, wants the skin of the face to remain smooth and elastic as long as possible. The counters are full of anti-aging products. To prevent skin aging, to smooth wrinkles, for problem areas around the lips and eyes, to restore complexion. But take a closer look at the labels: these products almost always contain essential oils. So why not try them in kind? Anti-wrinkle oil can do much more than you imagine.

Of course, not every essential oil can be applied to the skin of the face and, moreover, the eyes. They all have different properties and cosmetic functions. But the fact is that oils perfectly moisturize the skin, improve blood circulation in tissues, and deeply cleanse the face. And, of course, these remedies are good because they are natural, absolutely useful and safe. In addition, essential oils are much more affordable than synthetic cosmetics for anti-wrinkles and hardware facial procedures. Therefore, do not resort to drastic measures when you see alarming changes in the mirror. Refer to folk recipes for a start.

Which anti-aging oils are effective?

To make it easier for you to choose the main ingredient for an anti-wrinkle mask, we present 10 of the most effective anti-aging extracts. You can take one of them as a basis or prepare a mixture for the skin of the face and eyes, which is ideal for solving several problems at once.

  1. Peanut butter. This remedy is incredibly nutritious and therefore invaluable. Feel free to add it to cosmetic mixtures - maximum skin hydration is guaranteed. Antioxidants in its composition will slow down the aging process, and fatty acids will provide elasticity to the epidermis.
  2. Sea buckthorn oil. For dry, aging skin, it is difficult to find a better remedy. Three beauty vitamins at once - A, B and C - help to fight the first age-related changes, and carotenes and trace elements fill the epidermis with strength and health.
  3. Oil of apricot kernels. It copes well with smoothing expression lines in the corners of the eyes. However, the main feature of this oil is that it promotes the synthesis of elastin in cells and significantly improves the condition of the skin.
  4. Fragrant pomace of cucumber herb seeds. This unusual oil has long been known in the industry as a water-retaining component. In addition, borage increases the protective properties of the skin tissue, protecting it from harmful effects.
  5. Castor oil. It can be called just an ideal remedy: instantly moisturizes the skin, enhances cell regeneration, smoothes fine and medium wrinkles. And, moreover, it does not cause allergic reactions. Therefore, it can be safely applied to the skin around the eyes and even to the eyelashes to stimulate their growth.
  6. Cedar oil. Cosmetic masks with the addition of this agent will have a rejuvenating effect on the cells of the epidermis. The coniferous scent will make the application of oil on the surface of the face a pleasant procedure.
  7. Rosehip oil. Its powerful regenerating and bactericidal properties will give the face a radiant look and even tone, while the rich acids in the composition will help soften the skin. However, do not apply it neat to the delicate skin around your eyes, as it may irritate.
  8. Coconut oil. Another fragrant and affordable substance that will help get rid of fine lines thanks to its moisturizing and regenerating properties. Especially useful for mature skin.
  9. Passion flower oil. There is a lot of controversy surrounding passionfruit extract, but for mature skin it is certainly beneficial. At the very least, this oil moisturizes fabrics well and does not leave a greasy sheen at all. In addition, it is safe, used in cooking, which means it will not harm the skin.
  10. Fragrant basil oil. The high antioxidant status of this essential agent allows its full use in the fight against wrinkles. As a bonus - anti-inflammatory and tightening effect.

Of course, this is not a complete list of cosmetic elixirs useful for mature skin. It should be said that there are benefits to be derived from almost any oil for the face and eyes. It is only important to use it correctly and regularly. Apply the natural product to cleansed skin with light massaging movements and carefully remove it after the specified time, unless the instructions say otherwise. Also, take your anti-wrinkle oil selection seriously. Do not use products of questionable quality, check them for allergenicity. Then the use of cosmetic oils will be a real treat for your skin.

In what combinations should the oils be used?

In fact, there are unimaginably many effective combinations of oils. However, the simplest recipes can be distinguished, the ingredients for which are available at the nearest outlet.

  1. Fast anti-wrinkle ointment. For this recipe, you only need to mix 7-12 ml of sesame extract with the same amount of rosehip oil. Apply to face, especially around the eyelids. After 10 minutes, rinse with a decoction of mint leaves. The oil mixture will moisturize and tighten the skin, while washing with infusion will refresh it.
  2. Remedy for deep wrinkles. To prepare this composition, melt 20 ml of cocoa butter in a water bath. Combine with 40 ml of sea buckthorn oil and 6-8 ml of vitamin E. The resulting mixture should be thoroughly rubbed into the wrinkles on the face and around the lips 2 times a day - in the morning and in the evening. The targeted action of the healing ingredients will help restore blood circulation and increase tissue elasticity. The product does not need to be rinsed off, but avoid contact with the sensitive skin around the eyes.
  3. Universal mask for mature skin. The aroma of the essential oils in this mixture will give you a sense of joy and tranquility. A wide range of their action will allow the use of the composition for any type of skin. To prepare, combine in equal proportions 2 nut butters - peanut and almond. Pour 2 drops of passionflower, orange and cypress extracts into the mixture. Wash off the composition 5-10 minutes after application with warm or slightly cool water. Try not to apply the mask to the skin around your eyes. Citrus essential oils are too active for this area of the face.

Essential oils for wrinkles are powerful enough. Extracts are able not only to hide existing skin imperfections, but also to protect it from the appearance of new ones.

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