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Essential oil, beware of fakes

  • 15 August 2019 10:11:00
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Essential oils — how to choose?

Essential oils, due to their natural plant origin, have recently become very popular. Now they are quite widely used not only in the manufacture of cosmetics, but also in pure form at home. To maintain youth, beauty and health of the skin of the face and body, many women use self-prepared formulations of essential oils instead of creams or add oil to their favorite cream.

However, it must be remembered that essential oil is also a manufacturing product and, unfortunately, you may not purchase sufficiently refined oil, or synthetic. Such an oil, at least in poor quality, and often even very dangerous. It can provoke the development of severe eczema, acute allergies and skin inflammation.

Essential oils come in 3 types:

  1. natural (best quality) - made from plants and have organic aromatic substances, have a natural aroma and natural origin
  2. synthetic (medium quality) - made from synthetic components, restore the chemical composition and aroma of natural oil
  3. artificial (low quality) - made from a combination of different synthetic, semi-synthetic components that restore the aroma of the oil, but not its chemical composition

How to choose a quality essential oil?

When using oils in cosmetology and medicine, they are required to comply with pharmacological preparations, that is, the demand is the same as with drugs. However, the market is still quite low-quality product. After all, pure real natural oils are quite expensive, which is why there is a desire to pass off a slightly useful mixture as a valuable healing product. In addition, high consumer demand is pushing manufacturers to increase production in a not entirely honest way. If, instead of the essential oil, you get a mixture of it with vegetable oil, it’s not scary. But if you come across a mixture of oil with synthetic or semi-synthetic cheap additives, possibly waste products, it can significantly harm your skin, and indeed your health.

Natural essential oil has a clean aroma, orange oil should smell like an orange. The smell should be unsharp. If you once smell the smell of pure foods, you will never again confuse it with a fake.

Put a little oil on a piece of paper, after a while it will evaporate without leaving any marks on the paper. If you still have a greasy mark on the paper, you have acquired a mixture of essential oil with vegetable or low-quality oil with residual tar in a fairly high concentration.

Whether your oil passes another authentication check is easy to determine. If the quality of the oil leaves much to be desired, then the cream into which it is introduced will curl up and later become liquid. When added to a shower gel, the gel will become cloudy and stop foaming.

What to look for when buying?

The color of the glass of the bubble should be dark, brown or blue.

Our ancestors gave the healing fluid the name essential oil, because it seems oily in appearance, although it leaves no traces of the oil. In fact, this is not oil, but a highly volatile compound included in the group of terpenes (organic substances of the hydrocarbon class). The liquid has the aroma of the plant oil from which it is obtained. Its color is almost transparent or with some shade. Unlike vegetable oil, containing no more than ten components, the composition of the essential includes more than three hundred.

The use and properties of essential oils.

  • Cosmetology and essential oils.

Essential oils are present in almost all cosmetology products, as well as in detergents. SPA salons actively use compositions from essential oils for massage, peeling, body wraps and bathtubs. Aromatherapy, depending on the composition used, has a tonic, relaxing, rejuvenating, healing and antiseptic effect on a person. Even a small amount of one oil taken can improve the quality of the cream, give the bath an erotic touch, add antiseboric properties to the shampoo, and anti-stress shower gel.

Do not use household oils for applying to the body or adding to cosmetics, and even more so in cooking, flavor your apartment with them. Be sure to follow the dosing rules, in your cream should not be more than seven drops of oil, and in the bathroom no more than twenty. Please note that a bath temperature above 38 ° C will cause the oil to evaporate almost immediately. Do not overdo the experiments, exclude mixing more than seven types of oils at the same time.

The recipe for a fine wrinkle cream. Buy beeswax on the market, dissolve 20 g in a water bath. Add 20 g of cocoa butter, purchased at the pharmacy. Beat with a blender to a lush consistency. During whipping, carefully pour in 50 g of still mineral water. At the end of whipping, pour the borax (also from the pharmacy) on the tip of the knife. Cool the resulting mass to room temperature and whisk again. And now, the resulting composition can be enriched with essential oil: sandalwood - 5 drops, roses and neroli 3 drops each. Transfer the created cosmetic product into a glass tightly closed jar. This cream retains its beneficial properties for two weeks if stored in the refrigerator.

  • Massage and essential oil.

For back pain. Take any oil for children in the amount of 100 ml and drip into it marjoram oil in the amount of 10 drops and bergamot oil in the amount of 4 drops.

For rubbing with colds, add cinnamon oil instead of bergamot oil.

Composition for aroma lamps to relieve pain in the head.

The amount of the composition is calculated on a room of 15 m2. Combine the oil of geranium and mandarin taken in 5 drops, and the oil of orange and bergamot taken in 3 drops. Always make sure that water does not boil away, otherwise the fried composition will provoke increased pain, and you will get a negative effect.

  • Essential oils in cooking.

Essential oil will give your dough products a refined taste. You can add the butter directly to the dough or mix with powdered sugar or sprinkle with hot baked goods. If you have 500 g of dough or 100 g of powdered sugar, then add 10 drops of oil.

Essential oils that help to lose weight: grapefruit, bergamot, orange and mandarin. It will be easier to get a slimmer figure if you supply a glass of natural juice with 10 drops of a mixture of these oils.

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