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Eyelash oils

  • 07 October 2019 13:25:02
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In order for the eyelashes to be thick and long, you need to constantly look after them. Natural oils play a very important role in eyelash care. The chances of growing long and healthy eyelashes without such oils are very few. All of them have very useful qualities for eyelash growth. Oils nourish the roots of eyelashes, strengthen the hairs themselves, giving them a natural rich color. The use of both one of the oils and nourishing masks from several types of oils is recommended.

Interesting and useful information about eyelashes

How many eyelashes do we have? In our upper eyelid there are about 100-250, their length is about ten millimeters. In our lower eyelid there are about 50-150 cilia about seven millimeters long.

Cilia are very short-lived. They fall out and grow back much faster than other hairs on our body. The average lifespan of one cilia in the human eyelid is about 150-200 days.

How long can I lengthen my cilia? The maximum increase in the length of the cilia using all of the following means is no more than 10-30 percent of their original length. Everything else is just a marketing ploy and the effect of eyelash extensions (which, incidentally, is completely unsafe). But if you are the owner of good eyelashes, then most likely you will not notice a special effect at all.

How long can I grow my eyelashes? This is approximately 4-8 weeks. But the first results will be noticeable after a week!

Eyelashes are essentially ordinary hair! For this reason, for the growth of cilia, one could use the same means as for the growth of other body hair: a variety of masks to accelerate hair growth and a special massage.

Essential oils for eyelashes and their properties

Almond oil

This type of oil is perhaps the best stimulator of eyelash growth. The main components of almond oil are:

  • protein substances;
  • anti-aging vitamins E and F;
  • linoleic and oleic acid;
  • glycerides.

All of the above substances soften and nourish the eyelashes, preserve their shine and elasticity. Almond oil has no contraindications and does not cause allergic reactions.

Application and application

Almond oil should be applied twice a week with a special brush. Also, this oil is recommended to be included in makeup remover. A cotton pad should be moistened with warm water and put 2-3 drops of oil on it. Cilia are gently wiped until the makeup is completely removed.

Almond oil is also used as the basis for the preparation of an excellent firming and nourishing mixture. Burdock and castor oils are added to it in similar proportions. All this combines with vitamin E and fish oil. The resulting mixture is applied daily for a month. Such a course should be carried out about four times a year.

Peach seed oil

Peach seed oil has unique healing properties. It contains vitamin B15, macro- and microelements, other beneficial substances that revive and maintain the density and length of eyelashes. This oil is used not only for the growth of cilia, but also as an excellent prophylactic for their loss. With peach oil, you need to regularly lubricate the eyelashes so that they are fluffy and thick.

Peach seed oil is hypoallergenic, so the likelihood of swelling of the eyelids with its use is completely eliminated. This unique product has a very positive effect on the skin around the eyes.

Ways to use

The greatest effect is the use of compresses and masks based on peach oil. Before the procedure, the oil must be heated to 30 degrees, holding it for some time in warm palms.

Cotton pads should be soaked with peach oil and put on eyelashes. After that, the eyelids can also be covered with a bandage or parchment paper. The desired effect will be achieved in 20 minutes. After the cotton pads are removed, the cilia should be soaked with warm water.

Apricot oil

Apricot oil is an environmentally friendly product, which includes vitamins of groups A, B, C and F, saturated fatty acids and other natural components. Most often, apricot oil is used to remove makeup. To do this, moisten the cotton pad with warm, add a few drops of oil to it and pat the cilia with gentle movements. Excess oil must be removed with a clean cotton pad.

Grape seed oil

There is a lot of vitamin E in grape oil, so its use has a positive effect not only on improving the appearance of cilia, but also on enhancing growth. Regular use of grape seed oil over time leads to a noticeable density of eyelashes.

Sea buckthorn oil

Sea buckthorn oil nourishes the cilia and makes them thick. Sea buckthorn oil is also recommended for eyelash growth. To do this, daily eyelashes need to be greased with oil using a special brush. The use of oil in mixtures with other oils in equal proportions also gives an excellent effect.

Composition from eyelash loss

A mixture of sea buckthorn oil is an excellent remedy for the loss of cilia. To prepare the mixture, 1 tablespoon of dried or fresh rosehips is ground and poured with burdock and sea buckthorn oils, 2 tablespoons each. The mixture is insisted in a sealed container in a dark place for 10 days. After filtering the mixture with her daily lubricated eyelashes. As a result, there is a cessation of the process of eyelash loss, their strengthening and the growth of new ones.

Burr oil

The beneficial effect of burdock oil on the growth of cilia is explained by its active substances:

  • vitamins;
  • natural inulin;
  • tannins;
  • proteins;
  • mineral salts.

Due to this unique composition, cilia flakes are interconnected, as a result of which stratification of the hairs is prevented. Eyelashes cease to be brittle. Also, hair follicles become stronger, from which new strong eyelashes grow.

Burdock oil helps to make the cilia long and shiny.

Recipes for burdock oil

Of course, finished burdock oil can be bought at almost any pharmacy. But a much greater effect is produced by oil that was prepared at home. We present to your attention two recipes for preparing burdock oil at home:

  1. Dried burdock roots should be carefully chopped. Three tablespoons of crushed roots need to pour one glass of any vegetable oil. All this for one day put to insist in a warm place. After that, the oil is heated to a boil and kept on low heat for about 20 minutes. The oil is filtered and poured into a glass dish.
  2. Finely chopped dried burdock roots (5-6 tablespoons) are poured into half a glass of vegetable oil. The mixture is infused in a glass bowl for three weeks. It is necessary to use without filtering.

The recipe for an effective healing balm

To obtain a balm based on burdock oil, you must:

  • in equal parts we combine burdock and castor oils;
  • add vitamin E to the oil mixture;
  • pour aloe juice into the mixture.

All components of the balm should be thoroughly mixed. The balm is stored for a month in a closed container. It must be applied to the eyelashes as mascara and left for one hour. The procedure is performed daily for a month.

Jojoba oil

By its consistency, jojoba oil resembles liquid wax made from nuts of the jojoba tree. It contains amino acids, proteins and other substances that nourish and strengthen eyelashes. The oil is applied in a thin layer on the eyelashes, kept for about half an hour, and then the residues that are not absorbed are removed. But not everyone can use jojoba oil, since it can provoke the appearance of allergic reactions.

Camphor oil

Camphor oil has a very rich aroma. This oil has long been used to improve eyelash growth. Very effective camphor oil mixed in castor oil. This mixture is carefully applied to the eyelashes using a special brush. You can use this composition every day, keeping it on your eyelashes for about an hour.

Essential oils

Essential oils are volatile substances. The fact is that even at ordinary temperature they completely evaporate. The use of essential oils in mixtures for eyelash growth enhances the effect of all incoming components and adds its own. The ratio of oils in the mixture should be approximately as follows: take no more than five drops of essential oil per teaspoon of base oil.

To enhance the growth of cilia, the following essential oils are used:

  • cinnamon oil;
  • clove oil;
  • rosemary oil;
  • juniper.

Esters strengthen and nourish cilia:

  1. rosemary oil;
  2. geranium oil;
  3. tea tree.

Mixtures of oils and their composition

A very good effect on the cilia is provided by mixtures, which include several natural oils. Oil-based vitamin solutions can also be added to these formulations: A, E, fish oil and extracts of medicinal plants (aloe, cornflower, calendula, parsley, chamomile).

How to make a mixture of oils

In a small clean container all the essential oils are mixed and gently mixed. The resulting mixture must be poured into a jar from some of the oils or using a syringe to be pumped into a tube from the carcass.

How to apply and how to apply oil or a mixture of eyelash oils?

First you need to prepare an oil or a mixture of oils and additives. Cilia also need to be preliminarily prepared by cleansing of decorative cosmetics using cosmetic milk or castor oil. A cotton swab should be dipped in oil or a mixture and gently moisten eyelashes. Cilia should be combed very carefully, applying oil or a mixture of oils.

Remember that oil must not be allowed to enter the eyes. It is quite problematic to wash off the oil that gets into the eye. Therefore, all actions should be very measured, unhurried and careful.

Oil on the cilia must be kept for about two hours, after which the residues should be removed using a cotton pad.

There are some secrets that will help speed up eyelash strengthening:

  • Oil or a complex composition should be applied only to eyelashes cleaned from cosmetics;
  • Do not neglect evening procedures and applying oils at night;
  • Almond oil should never be washed off with water. This can lead to clogging of pores and the appearance of barley;
  • -Almond oil before direct application to the eyelashes is best warmed in the palms.

For preventive procedures, natural oils can be used once a week. But with therapeutic purposes, the oil composition should be used daily.

Storage conditions

If only vitamins are part of the oils, then it can be stored at normal room temperature. And if organic perishable ingredients, such as aloe juice, are added to the mixture, then of course it needs to be stored in the refrigerator, and before using it immediately, allow it to warm up to room temperature on its own.

To summarize

If all of the above tips can help you, then this is very good. The process of eyelash care is quite creative. Due to the fact that today there is a wide selection of oils and all of them are very affordable, you can make your own recipes yourself. If you used ready-made compounds or “invented” your own, then share your interesting experience and report on the results achieved. This information will be very valuable and useful! Tell us which oil gave the best effect for eyelash growth. We, in turn, offer you an interesting video on the topic.

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